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Added on: February 19th, 2015

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  1. By: Funnycatsandnicefish

    Panda the stalker and Toffee the observer

  2. By: jcmkh

    More !! We want MORE !! Adorable – as always – but too short ! best
    medicine for Monday blues. P-l-e-a-s-e make those videos longer . How old
    are the kittens now?

  3. By: breadandcircus1

    Oleg, how’s sweet Toffee doing?

  4. By: Anne Marie Dippoliti

    So wonderful to hear that Gorgeous Toffee is taking a positive, slow turn
    towards healing! I will continue to send loving and healing thoughts her

  5. By: West Kagle

    Kitteh is like…….’Where the heck does that thing keep going?!?!?’

  6. By: Kinsella Finn

    Awwww baby Panda. See Toffee in there too. I hope she’s getting better. 

  7. By: ria klop

    dank je wel voor de grappige post en vrolijke muziek

  8. By: Elena M

    Cutest Stalking Kitten | Funny Cats:


    Lovely video !! What a Cutest Stalking Kitten Pahda was!! And What a
    beautiful big sister Toffee the observer was!!
    I’m very glad to know that Toffee is recovering gradually. And I’m
    sincerely praying that Toffee is slightly better than yesterday!

  10. By: Sheila Bloom

    Panda, you are such a beautiful ball of fluff. And Toffee(?) is like a
    statute. Hope Toffee is okay.


    Thank you for uploading beautiful video.
    What pretty girls!
    I’m so happy to hear that Toffee is recovering gradually.
    I hope she will feel better soon.

  12. By: KipAc7810

    +Funnycatsandnicefish Il sont trop Mignon <3

  13. By: ahabtheplant

    Glad to hear Toffee is getting better!!
    And today we get to see Panda too?

    Mmmmmm life is good!

    Thank you and Toffee’s excellent vet!

  14. By: Roland Taylor

    Panda the stalker and Toffee the observer

  15. By: The Almighty Kitten

    Good to see Toffee :) she looks to be doing a whole lot better! Hope she’ll
    recover completely soon :)

  16. By: Bandicoot

    So fluffy.

  17. By: mario agostini

    she is the only one from the many that so fluffy. Is she healthy I

  18. By: Anthony Thomas

    Silly question Oleg, what happened to Toffee? I have my fingers crossed
    for the cutie.

  19. By: Gorgerliscous

    Love, love love. I adore every video Panda is in <3 ♡♥♡

  20. By: Abdel Halim Chehab

    it is just impossible to dislike this video!! and the proof 0 dislikes so
    far :)

  21. By: Meghana Jijo

    hahahaha! when ever Panda went left Toffee looked somewhere else and when
    Panda went right Toffee kept staring at her!
    Is Panda a girl or a boy ? please reply

  22. By: tigeriys1

    Most adorable kitten EVER! I LOVE Panda!

    So glad to hear Toffee is doing better! What was wrong with her? 

  23. By: CallumPlays - Minecraft Mania!


    had to punch a wall to feel like a man again

  24. By: галина кикоть

    Когда маленькие котята, они такие игривые. Доказательство этот маленький
    котенок. Какой он красивый и не посредственный. Любо смотреть на него, а
    кошка ноль эмоций, пусть малыш забавляется.

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