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Added on: October 10th, 2014

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  1. By: Wildtard


  2. By: jennifer wentura

    What a bunch of wussy boys

  3. By: Joan Cuthill

    hahaha wonderful

  4. By: Yoyoshi Muffin

    Haha :p

  5. By: Anna Mojica

    This is too funny

  6. By: Watson inc.

    Someone was wearing a nuclear protection suit! lol!

  7. By: Maher Alkhalil

    WMD XD :-D

  8. By: DoJo Epics

    That first “dad” had a really high voice. 😉
    The rest of these old-fashioned dads looked ridiculously funny.
    *Are most men actually still like this?* Really?
    (My wife needed the hospital—and I became a diaper changing machine. :))
    It’s the best worst dirty job ever.

  9. By: Tequila Sunshine

    Que des durs ! Ouarf !
    J’adore :)))

  10. By: Mr. Football


  11. By: Miss Effenaii

    LOOOL!!!! all those gags! Whenever I see a dirty diaper, I gag too! But I
    guess I will be getting used to it one day when I have kids of my own!

  12. By: xamRedhead

    LOOOLL that made me appreciate seeing my mom everyday now after work haha

  13. By: Shannon Arceneaux

    i have to say this makes us guys look weak. yes, the stuff stinks but this
    is a bit far fetched for me.. the powder fart is hilarious tho!

  14. By: Lorena Cánovas

    Greatest compilation EVER. It’s my favourite one!

  15. By: amethyst0285

    That’s because they don’t do it enough. Punks. Grow up.

  16. By: Rhadiyah Hutchen

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