Death Party Prank – Throwback Thursday

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Submited by: crewman6

Category: Pranks and Jokes

Added on: February 7th, 2015

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  1. By: Kuja the warrior

    Fêtez bien l’événement, car, si vous n’avez pas tous dépensé, d’autre
    fêteront aussi votre départ :P.

  2. By: baatarishero

    They’re actually saying “Click hear” alot clearer. What have they been
    practicing? XD

  3. By: Gust Gost

    Why is the first person black. I’m not accusing anyone of racism. But why
    did he need to be black 

  4. By: TheIgorotWarrior07

    Lol I remember this prank

  5. By: Finn Balor

    I like pie.

  6. By: Carmen Longley

    This prank was pretty funny I can’t stop laugh 

  7. By: kaizxfroninjago

    Hitlers son died 😀 

  8. By: Awsisa zeen

    You know a gag is good when you can remember it :) Good old days

  9. By: Gianni Campanale

    i don’t give a second like to a gag i already saw, but this.. this is my
    favorite in absolute!

  10. By:

    I would punch the girl wearing green in the face, the bitch was celebrating

  11. By: jays68239

    one of your best

  12. By: TheDutchAssessor

    I laughed out loud at this prank. I could look at people’s responses for
    half an hour with this prank =D

  13. By: Prank Files

    He died :(

  14. By: Kakarot

    Lol is that old man still alive now?

  15. By: UNC Tyler

    Brilliant…………sadly, happens all the time in real life too.

  16. By: PrankandSpank

    Epic old man can’t die.He is immortal! 

  17. By: frankmat

    Man… French women are damn ugly.

  18. By: Ersauit Saparbaev

    Как может быть больше лайков , чем просмотров?

  19. By: misse7364

    Although this is a prank
    I know lot of people did this…
    Sad thing

  20. By: Beeper Boo

    I remember this. But I didn’t like it. It’s boring

  21. By: markknopflerfan1988

    Der Clip ist Schon mehrmals gelaufen. Scheint wohl die Ideen auszugehen . 

  22. By: MrZer000


  23. By: Markich Narkich

    They keep killing that guy. But he always comes back…

  24. By: Kennedy Laubach

    Do they know English? Or is this filmed in a different country where they
    don’t speak English? I really want to know please someone tell me!!

  25. By: Boris Evg

    Круто, СПАСИБО!!! Я пошёл менять нижнее бельё :)))
    Дедушке – здоровья и долгих лет жизни!

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