Dog Saves Her Puppy From Drowning in Pool: Hero Dog Video Caught on Tape

A hero golden retriever dog nudges and pulls at a puppy struggling in a swimming pool.

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Added on: September 20th, 2014

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  1. By: Johnny Appleseed

    Faith in humanity restored!

  2. By: Honkytonk Sue

    I wish I had a video of something similar that happened years ago. A baby
    bird fell into the pool and my German Shepherd saw it and was watching it
    from the edge of the pool. The Mama bird attacked my dog, flying at him,
    pecking at him, until I got a net and rescued the baby bird and placed it
    at the base of a tree nearby. Mothers will do anything for their babies
    even attacking an animal a thousand times bigger than themselves to save
    their baby. Amazing!

  3. By: kristina kovalenko

    every animal that lives on this earth can swim including puppies and foals
    and mares and bears and ducks and fish and lizards and monkeys etc

  4. By: LB23cav

    what was the person recording the video doing? why wasn’t he helping out

  5. By: Bardyman

    starts at 0:22

  6. By: Shaded Moon

    so instead of HELPING the person just stood there and filmed it. 

  7. By: RedstoneGiraffe

    So Cute And At The Same Time Heroic

  8. By: Laura Wigham

    Wow amazing

  9. By: Sense of humor

    Faith in Humanity restored…

  10. By: Stoner adventures

    Dog saving her child while the owner sits and films

  11. By: Casey Swanston Edwards

    I think most dogs can swim on instinct 

  12. By: GriffinMyth

    my sister fell in the pool,i could not swim without gogles,i hated water in
    my eyes,and i was really small and young,but you know what,i love my sister
    SO MUCH that i dove right under without hesitation and pulled my sister up
    out of the water

  13. By: GriffinMyth

    GO MOM

  14. By: MinecraftPlaysOnYou

    so happy

  15. By: Marmar Mar

    i thought all dogs knew how to swim?

  16. By: 510oaklandca

    Swimming pools are fucking dangerous. It should be a law that all backyard
    swimming pools have to be fenced in.

  17. By: Eleonora Markosyan

    Probably THEY put the puppy in the pool.

  18. By: Platonic Purple Panda

    0:21 Is where the video starts.

  19. By: Mary Jane Cornielle


  20. By: Andzelika Paulinska

    Dogs can swim but if there is a tiny puppy and a gigantic deep swimming
    pool then they can lose it and drown

  21. By: Doge is dead

    And the asshole is filming it. Who’s going to save him/her while he or she
    is drowning? no one, because they’d all be busy filming him or her struggle

  22. By: Amber Plays MC

    Mother love ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  23. By: Ivana Barbaric

    Dog Saves Her Puppy From Drowning in Pool: Hero D…:

  24. By: Alanna Nichols


  25. By: Spider- Kid

    people who dislike this are the devil.

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