Dogs Get Pranked – Best of Just for Laughs Gags

When pranking humans is getting boring, it’s time to prank dogs! It’s surprisingly VERY funny! Don’t miss another Gag – Subscribe!: Gags are filmed in Québec. Originality,…

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Added on: October 13th, 2014

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  1. By: Askar Orynbai - Uly


  2. By: Hyflex


  3. By: RGS Apple

    seriously, did they uploaded a same video?

  4. By: H

    uploaded 10mins ago a there is a dislike already .. you have loyal haters

  5. By: MakeUpLovingMania Channel

    Aww that poor little pug XD

  6. By: enemay

    Some people are just retarded, so many dislikes already just because it
    pranks dogs, boo fuckin hooo mans best friend is being made a fool off.

  7. By: Spinkles

    Fake.. They hired actors..

  8. By: Suli The Gamer

    Are these old or new?

  9. By: ZulStrait

    I wonder who is doing all the dog sound effects lol

  10. By: drsnowmon

    So many dislikes from god damn sensitive hypocrites. This is just a joke
    where as livestocks that are living in gestation crates are suffering. Why
    don’t you hippies go and dislike those videos….

  11. By: secretperson920

    Lol that fourth prank
    “Hey lady whats up?”
    *bark sounds
    “Holy crap its a man”

  12. By: Ali XGaMes


  13. By: Christopher Ebert

    of course the black dog stole the bone.

  14. By: Kanye Mandingo

    I hate dogs

  15. By: lovingboarding

    If I slaughter dogs because I like their meat, does that mean that I’m a
    “monster” or something?

  16. By: BugsMatter

  17. By: Magic Tricks

    I miss click ear.

  18. By: Kuja the warrior

    4:29, Un lecteur CD ! Vous avez fouiné dans de très vielles archives pour
    votre best of.

  19. By: revenger20012

    even black dogs have better reactions .. haha 

  20. By: Just For Laughs Gags

    Why limit pranking human beings when you can prank DOGS? That’s right, no
    room for dog discrimination at our offices!

  21. By: Prank Files



    when my dogs are in that time of the year, we really use underpants with
    absorbent. XD (only when they stay in the house )
    because is not nice clean the dog blood.

  23. By: Mrs. Clifford (;


  24. By: Nice Guy

    Is this YouTube?

  25. By: Jurgen Garcia

    This was a very dangerous gag because PETA has messed the files of animal
    cruelty suspects with that woman, which case will gonna promote radical
    activist to execute a echozoo terrorism attack against the gagsters
    Please DuhEnlightedOne comeback

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