Dogs get scared of random things – Funny scared dogs compilation

Sometimes dogs get scared of everyday accecories, like vacuum cleaner, toy, cell phone or even remote control! Aaand here are some of the best reactions! If you enjoyed it, please SUBSCRIBE….

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Added on: November 10th, 2014

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  1. By: Tiger Productions

    Hey guys, new compilation is here. Hope you enjoy wathcing it. What is the
    most funny thing, your dog is afraid of? 

  2. By: Kai Plays

    11 views 11 likes lol XD best video 

  3. By: gareth evans

    Most of dogs are scared of a vacuume cleaner

  4. By: Beanie Boo Lover U.S.A.

    The one afraid of the balloons, & the one afraid of the phone, are

  5. By: Beanie Boo Lover U.S.A.

    The one afraid of the lady in the magazine is one of my favorites

  6. By: TheTinkili

    Love the music!

  7. By: DerKusari TD

    The music made it a bit scary for me too D:

  8. By: marukotr

    That’s why I love dog so much. I have five and I call them One, Two, Three,
    Four and Five

  9. By: peekahpooh

    Omg Loveee itttttt

  10. By: Tmarie2u

    Dog’s Fear Response
    Cars: Bark! Bark! I’ll get you if they ever put a stop sign my leash can
    Reach!! 😀
    Intruders/Doorbell Ringers: BARK! BARK! Just WAIT ‘Till the DOOR Opens!! >:)
    MailMan: I will Continue the Ancient FEUD!!! >:( Your Pants are MINE!!!!
    Vacuum: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! My Ears!! Noise! IT MOVES TO???? It can’t get Me
    on the couch!! Wait, their were Dorito crumbs on the floor!! I can’t SMELL
    them anymore!! :0 It ATE THEM!!

  11. By: Stephanielove AphroditeJones

    Ha ha so cute and funny.

  12. By: Babatoiyoi

    My dog is scared of anything like a spray bottle, be it a perfume, a room
    freshener ANYTHING 

  13. By: Liva Krumina

    Your videos are cool.
    But PLEASE take off that background music. So annoying!

  14. By: Jacob Playz

    This is so funny have any stop motions coming up?

  15. By: nikola Brzuch

    The last one is like my cat scared of itself

  16. By: Finda5

    some of these are sooo funny, hahaha xDD

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