Dogs Meeting Babies For The First Time

It’s been decided that dogs meeting babies is just the cutest. But how do these babies feel about meeting dogs? How do the dogs feel? You watch and decide. And try not to explode from the cuteness….

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Added on: April 24th, 2015

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  1. By: AFV Kids

  2. By: tuesdaywithromi

    Their parenting is clearly questionable. Disgusting.

  3. By: andypeluche96

    The babies are being to harsh with the dogs and if they hurt them, the dog
    would obviously react and the baby will end in the hospital (or the puppy
    in the vet). That is how a baby got attacked, by pulling too hard the ears
    of family lab. Only this irresponsible parent’s fault!

  4. By: andypeluche96

    Ermm…. Babies shouldn’t make out with dogs… just saying… The tongue
    they are using to lick the babies face is the same tongue they use to clean
    their genitals and taste other dog’s pee. 

  5. By: Sherry San

    Stupid and disgusting. Pick up the baby, a dog’s tounge is that last thing
    I’d want in my newborns face/mouth. 

  6. By: J. Jewell

    Ewwww!!LOL #WouldNeverBeMe

  7. By: Mateoski Productions

    So many retards commenting on this video.

    Do you morons realize that a dog’s mouth is cleaner than a human’s and that
    there are enzymes in a dog’s saliva that kills bacteria?

    I’m not saying that it’s not disgusting for the dog to lick the inside of
    the child’s mouth, it actually is very to me, but seriously, she’s not
    going to contract any sort of illnesses or disease.

    Dumbasses nowadays I swear………………

  8. By: Mohamed Magdi

    do you let the dogs lick the babies in the mouth like this ?! this is
    disgusting !

  9. By: prabodha jayatissa

    Disgusting. ..stupid parents let a dog to lick a new born baby. ..

  10. By: Marisol Santillan

    Check out this video on YouTube:

  11. By: Lizbee Hernandez

    Why would anyone let a dog lick the inside of that babies mouth. Or let
    those other dogs lick the babies faces. Fucking gross. 

  12. By: Jonathan Solano

    Chido bebes

  13. By: Lizzie McGuire

    Ok. People are disgusting and whoever thought the images of dogs licking
    all over babies and licking the babies in the mouths were supposed to be
    cute images, you need help. This is the LEAST cute video I’ve seen in a
    while. Nasty as hell. And who cares how clean a damn dogs mouth is. No pet
    should be allowed to lick a baby in the mouth. 

  14. By: Nicole Mendoza

    White parents smh

  15. By: jazzitup46

    I’m sorry, and I’m not retarded or a moron … I just wouldn’t let my dog
    or cat do this to my child/baby! We have pets and I see what our dog does
    with its mouth with itself and other dogs and outside! No way!

  16. By: taptap snowy

    When my sister was born my mom’s dog tried to bite my sister when she was a
    baby because the dog only protected my mom 

  17. By: salmatou karamoko

    I dont think anyone should therir kids play with dogs period-ewww so much

  18. By: Paul Thompson

    There were two clips that had me seriously worried for the dog and child’s
    safty you should always teach a child when they are old enough to
    understand that a dog or cat or any pet for that matter isn’t something
    that you can be rough with the little boy with the poodle and the other kid
    bouncing on the dogs head just made me want to shake my head at the parent
    filming the video children should learn how to respect animals as loving
    and patient dogs or cats can be they can still hurt a child if they are

  19. By: Alex C.

    2:24 ‘This is my life’

  20. By: Funny Baby Videos

    haha…. dog like cleaning baby’s face…lol

  21. By: Елена Кириленко

    ух ты боже шки мой какая нежность

  22. By: Alejandro Arias

    wow look how deadly these pitbulls are wow 

  23. By: Tiffany Mize

    I fell bad for the other dogs in 2:09

  24. By: KeKe Michele

    I just can’t get with nasty dogs licking my babies’ mouth… That is so
    gross… How can’t this be cute or funny to these families…. Smh
    Po babies…

  25. By: najib barak

    I love you so much fun and addicting 

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