Dogs Who Fail At Being Dogs – Funny Compilation

Even dogs fail. A compilation video of dogs failing. Music used:

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Added on: April 18th, 2015

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  1. By: Wattsy

    I laughed so hard

  2. By: Muzeng Chen

    what’s the song? funny video btw!

  3. By: Łukasz Więcek

    Jedna a lepszych psich kompilacji, jakie widziałem :D

  4. By: Hamster LUX

    Why so short :D

  5. By: Agnieszka Chmiel

    I jak tu ich nie kochać?

  6. By: God Emperor Lionel Lauer

    OK, this made me literally LOL a few times…

  7. By: Fish N

    OK, this made me literally LOL a few times…

  8. By: Robert Jones

    Need a quick laugh? Watch this two minute video and brighten your spirit!

  9. By: Lesley Griffin

    Love it, had tears laughing

  10. By: Marty Bob

    Love it, had tears laughing

  11. By: Ethan Cresdee

    some dogs are not the brightest, but we still love them :D

  12. By: TehRasia

    it’s kinda sad tbh, majority of dogs here have lost their agileness because
    of selective breeding

  13. By: matthew rappaport

    Happy #Woofunday #Dogunday !!!!!!!!! Music in this video is gangsta

  14. By: Eve Viscerator

    *Dogs Who Fail At Being Dogs!*

    #lol #cute 

  15. By: iam01

    that last dog KNEW! he fucking KNEW! you just saw evolution

  16. By: Miroslav Milic

    Dogs Who Fail At Being Dogs – Funny Compilation:

  17. By: Fredirnando Nando


  18. By: - LULO -

    I love this dogs…


    … the best friend!

  19. By: It's Compilated

    Glad so many of you enjoyed the video! More coming very soon :)

    The music is titled “Rough And Smooth”

  20. By: Robert Reider

    If you dont have one of these you’re missing out. #shelterdogs are so
    grateful for homes and a killer value. Mine came complete for one dollar
    (yes, he was about to expire). What a joy. So little effort and so much

  21. By: Wendy M. Lewis

    Friday Funny Fails

    Hey there! I usually don’t post videos but this one for a Friday just is
    perfect! We all make mistakes and when you see these dogs just shake it off
    and keep being dogs you will laugh and feel good! So enjoy and its okay to
    fail! Just don’t forget to laugh!

    #dogs #funny #laugh #Friday #work #life

    Dogs Who Fail At Being Dogs – Funny Compilation:

  22. By: Mike Musel

  23. By: ฺBen Vivaldi


  24. By: Gonzalo Ramos

    Muy gracioso ! hay perros que no saben ser perros 

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