Dolly Parton & Carol Burnett (1977) Live at the Grand Ol’ Opry

Carol Burnett proves she can cross over to Country as she teams with Dolly Parton in a very rousing version of Carol’s “song” – “No One Picks Like a Nashvill…

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  1. By: Scott Reiboldt


  2. By: coolsweetgroovy

    Bring back this kind of TV Carol is still the best

  3. By: Ed Camp

    Dolly Parton and Carol Burnett of the world legends together and thier the

  4. By: Abby Barr

    These two need to get together with Julie Andrews!

  5. By: Roby Fox

    Did anybody else recognize Mack Magaha as the fiddler that started Orange
    Blossom Special around 7:05. Mack, of course, played fiddle for “The Porter
    Waggoner Show”. 

  6. By: paula harmon

    sure do miss these days

  7. By: Billy Bradley

    ROFL ARE U IN THERE?!?!!?! I love this,, I wished I can remember
    the little boys last name Lewis ????? whoever he is turned out to be
    famous.. Just love Dolly the queen of country and Carl the queen of

  8. By: Gloober484

    This is the most perfect thing…that I’ve ever seen…in my entire LIFE

  9. By: J Clouse


  10. By: Jeremy Greenway

    That was nothing short of brilliant. Wow.

  11. By: Heather James

    love these girls!

  12. By: Glenn Williams

    Is there a movie or TV show with these two? They have a natural chemistry
    and sense of humor together.

  13. By: pk421a

    Great talent…back when you needed it to be on TV.

  14. By: Nicole J

    HILARIOUS!…I love Carol!….and DOLLY!

  15. By: bigtater14

    Cant believe Ramona Jones showed up. and of Corse Mack Magaha
    (Porter Wagoner’s fiddle player) was there beside her doing a great job

  16. By: dolly244

    The good ole days. Peace

  17. By: Teenywebsta

    Wow..thank you for sharing that. I love Dolly but I had no memory at all of
    this gig. Carol is awesome and the whole musical is great.!

  18. By: Linda Casey

    Fabulous fun!

  19. By: jenella herring

    my two favorite ladies…

  20. By: iDig Adonut

    The two cleverest women in the business. And in jeans!

  21. By: Keith Edwards

    Mack Magaha on fiddle.

  22. By: 1709Steve

    A great video, thanks for posting!!

  23. By: GaryW Holmes

    Little Lewis Phillips is the grandson of the famous Singing Lewis Bluegrass
    Gospel Family who also created the Jeff & Sheri Easter group of the Gaither
    Homecoming Videos.

  24. By: GaryW Holmes

    Also playing in the audience is the wife of Grandpa Jones (Ramona) who was
    often on Hee Haw & Roy Acuff’s bango player Charlie I believe was his name.

  25. By: Ellen Dunlop

    Good old days 

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