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http://gags.justforlaughs.com | Subscribe: http://goo.gl/wJxjG The postal delivery men has been replaced by the postal delivery dog. This really gets people …

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Added on: June 27th, 2014

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  1. By: Narada King


  2. By: regina campos


  3. By: HejManden

    Nope. Just Chuck Testa!

  4. By: DailyHits1080p

    No .. he is base jumping down the Everest

  5. By: p4ulw4f

    lol or 0:54 “oh sh#t crazy dude coming this way! act like we saw nothing!”

  6. By: caijihong

    that dog is so gorgeous :3

  7. By: wolverine

    dog probably thinks” wtf is his problem, im trying to drive here!”

  8. By: BuddadaDog Parson Jack Russell

  9. By: 976aguilera

    So true i watched 10000 times this video and i always laugh .

  10. By: R Bhungu

    Aaahahahahahaha on yea the best one.!!!

  11. By: Adelina Saharova

    Using dogs as drivers is a great way to cut employment costs. They can’t
    sue you, and they only require dog food as payment.

  12. By: Kitty Fister

    I bet tat dog gets all the bitches… 😉

  13. By: huttch Echt

    +Uche Toph 

  14. By: ignetiusjrelly

    Dog Power. Woof woof!!

  15. By: Yaneth Vasquez

    Go dogs!!<3

  16. By: Yaneth Vasquez

    Go dogs!!<3

  17. By: 2t22tornadosiren

    Only canadians could be stupid enough to think the dog is actually driving.

  18. By: Battenburg70

    I knew it. I just knew it! Once I start watching these things…

  19. By: princeofdarknessxyz1

    one of my favorite just for laughs gags

  20. By: princeofdarknessxyz1

    I just love the reactions

  21. By: Natalie Barber

    [studio laughter intensifies]

  22. By: daxton stevens

    lol !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. By: Joe Carson

    Really love watching funny videos. What a smart dog. He listens very well.

  24. By: Jamal Willis

    oh shit what the fuck

  25. By: maki rodriguez

    that music makes it more hilarious. LOL

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