Epic Funny Cats – Compilation Part Two “The Cat Strikes Back!”

The best antics and funny moments of amazing cats!

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Added on: November 18th, 2014

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  1. By: Elizabeth Archer

    6:00 that’s just mean, I’m sorry but it is!!

  2. By: weasle48

    2:44 what dose the fox say!!!!

  3. By: katana spark

    10:31 dirty cat :)

  4. By: Nedim Rahmanovic

    whats the name of music on 3:20????

  5. By: john Mateo

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  6. By: Caitlin Irvine

    4:35 I’m sorry but that is just really cruel i can’t believe someone would
    do that

  7. By: ShadowRocks25


    They were all there for her tits.

  8. By: Aezakmei

    I’m so sick of people who think that 90% of this shit is animal abuse, but
    when someone does something a lot worse to a human, they laugh… BTW this
    is so not animal abuse

  9. By: Иванка Иванова

    11:17 – ты, моя золотинка)))))))))))))))))))))))))))

  10. By: Littlebird

    Me being how I am… I would have let that cute little fox in, and maybe
    fed him/her.

  11. By: Wyatt Desmarais

    LOL Best Video I Ever Seen!!!!!

  12. By: mrSanja677

    5:50 are you crazy you fucking big fat cunthead

  13. By: SgtAlex Green

    Those people need a bullet in their head, abusing that cat! 6:35


    4.37 that is mean

  15. By: AbsoluteMMA101

    ROFL! Cat at 8:34 hes like O_O

  16. By: Ali Simmer

    Gente sem Noção Eles maltratem os Gatos Tipo ( Colocar uma caixa de água e
    o Gato tentando escapar sobre e cai, Pessoas dando comigo que os Gatos não
    gosta, Jogar os Bichos, Acordar eles quando tão com Soninho, Judiar do
    Bichinhos, e serem provocados ) Affz alguém não tem ódio não de maltratar
    os fofinhos assim Espero que os gatos tenham arranhados eles ‘-‘

  17. By: Freyoer Incognita

    if i had an eagle, 2 cats and a fox by my door i’d be the happiest guy…

  18. By: Angelwarrior Chris J Marino

  19. By: Lillyfox10101 ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ


  20. By: Poshie Po

    That cat went down to dream world for sure in seconds : 3
    Have a nice nap!

  21. By: Berlincitysen

    Omg the Cat @8:35 is so epic, i want to have one like this. O_O

  22. By: Marcela Bartoníčková

    Epic Funny Cats – Compilation Part Two “The Cat S…:

  23. By: Marko Evo

    3:20 that poor cat just tries to drop that thing off :D

  24. By: Bread Toast

    9:25 wanna do it again ?

  25. By: Kirrie Sushicat ô.o

    4:39 Romeo and Juliet <3 <3
    Romeo is so poetic btw- wish I could understand what he said

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