Epic Old Man – Condom Priest

http://gags.justforlaughs.com | Subscribe! http://goo.gl/wJxjG This old priest is too shy to buy his own condoms so he tries forcing other people to buy them…

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Added on: January 31st, 2015

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  1. By: bnza10

    @guineapigsareawsome hmmmm. very convincing.

  2. By: Brandon Chin

    yellow shirt guy looks exactly like Jason Kidd lol

  3. By: Kin6X

    God.. Why must people like you call everything fake? Read a damn book
    first! Im not sure if youve been outside lately.. or turned on the damn
    television but cameras have ZOOM now. Iv seen a $300 handheld camcorder
    zoom in and still have a crystal clear picture from a mile away. You can
    also remote control cameras now, and believe it or not *shocker* cameras
    can be made small enough to fit inside buttons on someones clothes. This
    ISNT FAKE, they just know how to film.

  4. By: Elifaien

    1:00 I’d love to! Later… Oh, they’re not for me?

  5. By: Magnettomusic

    lol, good 1

  6. By: David Vonderhaar

    Eddie murphy?

  7. By: HighAway

    Epic old man!

  8. By: healingsoul11

    what? a priest cant have sex?

  9. By: BananaBubbi

    I think it depends on the culture. The priest in my town (I’m from Denmark)
    has 3 kids …

  10. By: BananaBubbi

    First of all: I’m only 14. And secondly, I used to go to church every week
    for 2 hours (it was forced though), so I’m not totally blanc when it comes
    to my religion and I do know a lot, but I just never use any of it in my
    daily life. I forgot a lot of what I was told and taught back then. I just
    don’t feel like learning about my religion more than I already have, ’cause
    I don’t even want to be Protestant.

  11. By: phoenixbluex

    white guy is like fuck off

  12. By: wildwizardplanet

    one of the best comments on Youtube ever.

  13. By: Wolf Kor

    @yagvolt: Sure, all Afro-Americans look the same, same as all white look
    the same.. same as the old man looks like Hugh Hefner. 😉

  14. By: wan rahmat


  15. By: zapper067

    he is spreading Trojan viruses

  16. By: Jeremy Guild

    he also looked abit like will-i-am

  17. By: TombisRS

    not at all

  18. By: tom bill

    i miss epic old man is epic

  19. By: iRouRoui

    what if I told you a priest was trying to hit on me once

  20. By: alan m.d.

    enjoy laugh its good 4 you

  21. By: AquaticBoardwalkEngineer

    Rare my ass. You must a catholick. Sticking up for your own failed church.
    Hint: if you can’t understand science, try religion.

  22. By: amber619pop

    are you really that ignorant or just kidding?

  23. By: andré Marinho

    só sei que a caixa é muito gostosa hehehe

  24. By: alleanzaromana

    walter white

  25. By: abhi lal

    first tym i hv doubt that its fake , because i had seen another prank with
    the same people …………….so how could it be possible….if this s d
    first one shooted and the other video was d second 1 then d had the minimum
    responsibility to mention that unless d show will loss its essence…….

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