Fugitive Transforms Into Mannequin- Just For Laughs Gags

http://gags.justforlaughs.com | Subscribe! http://goo.gl/wJxjG A fugitive runs by our mark and jumps into a display, posing as a mannequin. The clueless witn…

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Added on: August 14th, 2014

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  1. By: Salem Alkaabi

    Check out this video on YouTube:

  2. By: Vadim Peretokin

    Brilliant! and in 1080p :)

  3. By: David McCray

    did you get a good look?

  4. By: mardukl

    would you sleep with her?

  5. By: Master Mus


  6. By: MRWilson10110

    is JFL fake?

  7. By: Anas kr


  8. By: virgoptrex


  9. By: Mohammed Ali

    Fugitive Transforms Into Mannequin- Just For Laughs Gags

  10. By: Declan1205

    This is so Hilarious!! :) but it can be better. Just sayin

  11. By: Bulwark1911

    Haha !

  12. By: Leon .Stark

    its probably because people dont really associate things that happen on TV
    as something that can happen to them. It happens quite often

  13. By: Shanth4u

    we want bloopers then 😀

  14. By: Nicholas Law


  15. By: wenkeee

    what’s her name? the actress?

  16. By: Nizar Kalai

    she’s our soul mate I guess LMAO

  17. By: Tony Montana

    1:18 what the hell was that ? Parkinson disease ?

  18. By: Genesis Eve

    Make it longer

  19. By: 2CSST2

    Just wish some young people would’ve been on that prank

  20. By: Tiffany

    1:07 “I must be losing my damn mind…”

  21. By: Jamaica Dancehall TV

    snitching gone wrong

  22. By: وليد مزيان

    what’s the name of that girl?

  23. By: Anon Girl

    This one was actually funny

  24. By: Joan Cuthill

    Wonderful my friend.♥

  25. By: Noraset Phathanangkun


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