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Added on: December 5th, 2014

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  1. By: GrinPiss Portnov

    Funniest Twilight Zone Pranks прекрасно и смешно! 

  2. By: MomoTaylorJa

    lol i watch these videos every night before bed…keep the nightmares away

  3. By: Joshtin Comendador

    My favorite ones are the car accident in the road and the last one. 

  4. By: thesattelinge

    Дфые щту фтв фссшвуте!

  5. By: TheAirmike1

    Why don’t the people in just for laughs talk in their pranks?

  6. By: jose antonio lopez lopez

  7. By: johnarcheus

    oh man, that last one is a complete genius masterpiece

  8. By: Hellinka U

    “Сумеречная зона”

  9. By: bonbonquest

    The old man kinda looks like Jonathan Pryce today.

  10. By: TechmagnimeHD

    I hope this is not acting because some video perspectives show that the
    victims are actually in on the prank and the real victims are us !

  11. By: Ken Long

  12. By: QF756

    you guys make the world laughing! thanks alot,,

  13. By: Hassan Juma

    lol still batter than twilight

  14. By: jettison27

    the puzzle one is pretty awesome

  15. By: DagoHeadturner

    hahaha i loved every moment of this upload!

  16. By: Jolie Smile

    great!! :)))

  17. By: mentalphysicalism

    This should be called the gaslighting episodes.

  18. By: Console Guardian

    The woman at 6:07 isn’t she complaining to the governor of Maine about the
    Ebola quarantine law? She’s Kaci Hickox.

  19. By: nuttyskywalker

    I’ve seen that first lady in other videos… thought this was for real : p

  20. By: Gevork Bagdasarov

    JFLG makes you question your reality :) i love it

  21. By: Eleven Fold

    Help I’m trapped in the loop I got school work to do

  22. By: James Ray

    The first one is in an actual spar :-) I thought they were all shut down
    except the ones at butlins.

  23. By: Bruce Williams

    Some of these would have left people wondering for the rest of their lives
    if you didn’t reveal them XD.

  24. By: crumcho

    These are real pranks. Harmless and funny for both the victim and the one
    conducting the pranks.

  25. By: Chappal chor

    Robery in shop … Fake prank 

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