Funny babies annoying dogs – Cute dog & baby compilation

Babies are cute and nice but sometimes they can be really annoying. Just look how they annoy poor patient dogs 😛 They are just playing but I’m sure dogs don’t like when they climb over them,…

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Added on: October 3rd, 2014

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  1. By: Tiger Productions

    These are some really patient dogs :P

  2. By: Daniel Bautista


  3. By: Niral Palwe

    I love your videos.

  4. By: CharlieDaDog

    My daughter loves to eat my dog ears. ..but dogs loves attention so they
    have it with babies:)

  5. By: เพ็ญพิมล นราเบญจเศรษฐ์

    Funny babies annoying dogs – Cute dog & baby comp…:

  6. By: Billie Card

  7. By: ramy ninio

  8. By: Jonathon Sanders

    fucking kids…

  9. By: thepurpleapeman

    a cat would kill the baby

  10. By: MacNutz2

    Some very, very patient “family” dogs.

  11. By: Tmarie2u

    Dog: This is great! I get food and love and food and a bigggg house to play
    in and food for FREE!! 😀 All I have to do is wag my tail when they come
    home, play with them and give their hands tongue baths!!
    One toddler later
    Dog: Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

  12. By: MsRainbow Brite

    Its such a hard life being a human owner

  13. By: Ilikesilver1

    4:40 kids say the darnedest things 

  14. By: jessy james

    Precious !

  15. By: Shirley D

    4:50 TO CUTE !!!

  16. By: Deaths Shadow

    Hehe silly humans.

  17. By: prissy971gwada

    2:46 The dog is like WTF?

  18. By: Andrea Boccardo

    Poor dogs… i hate little kids i hate them

  19. By: Minya Lux

    If I’m their parent I won’t let them did something like that because dog
    may attack them. But I like this video :)

  20. By: Diana Martinez

    Ke ermoxos

  21. By: isabelle brindaline

    les gens sont vraiment confiants …..

  22. By: gabrielle sandallguay

    that first kid needs to be taught to respect the animal

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