Funny Cats Compilation #1 -2014

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Added on: March 2nd, 2015

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  1. By: Gergő Marczali

  2. By: racheal barber

    some of these videos were cute but there’s nothing funny about animals
    being hurt. if you think it’s funny then your an asshole.

  3. By: DreamDisney Studios

    Dat there bunneh is visious!

  4. By: Mihi Douglas

    The 5th one I think was really sad omg is the cat all right.Stupid people

  5. By: Gergő Marczali

    I am really sorry about that upload. I didnt like cats getting hurt. And i
    didnt support many ads in a video.
    I just tried to upload a new compilation whats didnt have a same scene
    whats all other one have.
    And sorry about a much ads if you check my other uploads you didnt see many
    ads liek that. An creator claimed this video and putted so much ads to

    sorry try to check the other one cat uploads in the playlist. #2 #3 and
    ignore this.

  6. By: SpiritWolf2468

    08:02 her slowed down sounded like Freddy’s laugh in Fnaf!

  7. By: Haley Carmalt

    Jeez how do you fetch these kind of things?

  8. By: Triple_Kings

    3:18 Oh, that’s alright! I didn’t need any sleep tonight anyway!

  9. By: Triple_Kings

    11:42 mortal kombat anyone? Lol

  10. By: TheDeliciousCaek

    Listen, I’m pretty sure you made this compilation from many other people’s
    videos, and while that in itself is really messed up, you then put it all
    together and called it “funny cat compilation” you can’t do that, and then
    claim no one said they were all funny. You actually implied they’d all be
    funny. This video is pretty messed up. Not only did you steal other
    people’s compilations (we can see the transitions that others left it for
    their videos) but you also claim they’re funny videos. Idk man, not cool.

  11. By: Samuel Littrell

    That’s 20 minutes of my life I’m not getting back

  12. By: RN

    This is terrible… people laughing at embarrassed and injured cats.
    Nothing funny at all!

  13. By: Rod Foster

    I suck bruh’s lol lol 

  14. By: Efa Morris LolOlOloLoL

    Loved when this kid was in the bath and the cat fell in hahaha

  15. By: Madeline LOVE

    Omg the one with the cat flying on the fan I’m like wtf turn the stinking
    fan off!!!! Dear god!!

  16. By: Tracy Massengill


  17. By: Jess Barczak

    not cool cats got hurt.

  18. By: Margaret Fumore van Ooijen


  19. By: Megan Goodwin

    OMG! that dog looked like it said i love you to the cat with it’s mouth
    movement and kissed the cat on the cheek! SO CUTE!!!

  20. By: Sydney Collens


  21. By: remipatrick roy

    The best was at 2:05

  22. By: Артем Даниелян

    Клапан и смешно

  23. By: K. Perry

    I don’t understand why everyone is so upset about the cats fighting, its
    part of what they do when they are protective of what they consider their
    territory. you’ll watch a Boxing match, Wrestling, parkour…Rugby! lol but
    super sensitive about cats scuffing. There is no logic in this place.

  24. By: burl powers

    Funny Cats Compilation #1 -2014:

  25. By: Tara Adams

    Big turd

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