Funny cats scared of random things – Funny cats compilation

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Submited by: crewman6

Category: Funny Cats

Added on: April 22nd, 2015

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  1. By: Tiger FunnyWorks

    We have to appologize you guys, but currently we have lots of work and that
    is the reason for little bit more rear uploads… Thanks for understanding

  2. By: jiska 111111111111111

    Yay first one! Boss ass

  3. By: Phantom Foxy

    Under 301 views. Woot

  4. By: cookiezillaevan

    The second one was just plain mean.

  5. By: aliroseart

    Even cats are scared of clowns…
    Kinda reminds me of the time my cat completely freaked out when she saw me
    wearing a pair of cat ears… I forgot I was wearing them and when she saw
    me she flattened her ears back, backed into a corner and started hissing
    and growling (although she hisses a lot anyway so that’s normal, she’s
    really bad tempered) but everyone was like “what why is she so freaked
    out?” Then I remembered I had cat ears and when I took them off and hid
    them she was fine XD

  6. By: Lego Girl

    Lol haha

  7. By: Evilbones76

    Yeah, because its real funny watching cats be scared??? Right?? And making
    a video of them, will only make others want to scare their cats and put it
    online. You scumbag, trying to make money from people frightening
    animals. SCUM!! unsubbed, and I hope this channel burns.

  8. By: Gerardas TasLtuVyrukas

    1:27 the dancing cat 😀 xD

  9. By: Maximus Prime

    Was probly my fav video so far

  10. By: Will May


  11. By: Ellen Farrell

    Who else just came to the comments to find the peta scum?

  12. By: kronvlat

    In the past my cats have seen me wearing masks. They either know it’s me
    or just figured they should see if the strange creature would pet them
    before making judgements.

  13. By: azoth master

    that guy was lucky if he wasn’t protected behind that glass the cat would
    have shredded him

  14. By: aweCM1

    I stopped after the second one. This is bullshit and mean as hell. Fuck
    people for doing this and encouraging others. People who are mean to cats
    are just terrible people who have no sense. 

  15. By: Pawsncllaws AJ


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