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Enjoy the Movie Clip “Funny Crazy Dogs” made by daven Ein Zusammenschnitt aus lustigen Hundeszenen. Musik: Mashup-Germany – Revolution Jump Steppenwolf vs. A…

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Added on: September 6th, 2014

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  1. By: daven

    Song 1: Mashup-Germany – Revolution Jump Song 2: Steppenwolf vs. Apollo 440
    vs. Madonna vs. Ike & Tina Turner – Wild Rock Music! Song 3: The Clash vs.
    Jay-Kid – Should I Stay O Should I Boogie [Loo & Placido]

  2. By: Malia Knight

    0:25 funny!!!

  3. By: Escara1

    2:00 2:02 this is really worrying XD! Disturbya AHAHAHAH!!!!!!

  4. By: Ali Rios


  5. By: joseph v


  6. By: gentjt38

    Had to shut off the video at 1:30 due to the song.

  7. By: TheGamerDog1000

    love dogs and i love your video

  8. By: MrSailoreightyfour

    What breed is at 2:30? It looks like Lab, but in specific color.

  9. By: LadySoulV

    The dog clips are cute but the music is too overpowering. Its a real
    distraction. I couldn’t take it anymore

  10. By: Madi Wright

    1:58 – 2:02 that dog was no need to laugh about

  11. By: ภูเบศ ก้องกฤตย์

    Fly dog 5:29-5:33

  12. By: Tracy Hall

    Thanx that was brilliant needed a laugh, and loved the music best video I

  13. By: Kaitlyn New

    3:05 I kno teh sodapops are in there. I KNO DAT YOUR HIDING THEM FROM

  14. By: Generalrunez

    I like the musikkår and espesially the vid xD

  15. By: Generalrunez

    Music i mean

  16. By: Sunčana Cambi

    Omg wtf dogs are best

  17. By: ha trankhanh

    4:20 Lol :)))

  18. By: Onorio Loi

    amici fedeli che ti dimostrano il loro grande affetto senza che ti chiedono

  19. By: Glecy Buen

    let us enjoy and have fun with our amazing pets

  20. By: omkhlads

    1:58 What is the problem with ? 

  21. By: Jai Marwaha

    Made me jump out of my seat!! I rate u 10/10

  22. By: Alexandra Servat Vilimelis

  23. By: Brad Dronenburg

    It’s hard to believe that all these people can watch videos,(weather on a
    computer or a smartphone or laptop)but they don’t know how to adjust volume
    at all and had to turn of the video because they can’t handle the audio?!?
    That’s gotta be the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard as a reason to complain
    about a video! put more effort into learning how to use your device for
    fucks sake…….. Seriously!

  24. By: Nedergames. TVigre

    I can t see your video its about my cu
    omputer but you are cool SUB

  25. By: Goodfear

    3:30 song ? 

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