Funny Cute Puppies Compilation – Funny Dogs Videos 2015 – funny dog

Funny Cute Puppies Compilation – Funny Dogs Videos 2015 – funny dog Check out these hilarious videos featured in the Cоmpilаtion : Husky Shenanigans Monkey and his new puppies…

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Added on: April 5th, 2015

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  1. By: Henderman Games

    Why use anti depressants when you have this video

  2. By: Carter Hall


  3. By: Ana

    Love it, dogs and cats makes you happy. They’re always happy to see u home.
    I love my dog. 

  4. By: Ryan Bitzer

    That right there has got to be the absolute cutest thing I have ever seen
    in my life.

  5. By: Dan Mark

    lovely <3

  6. By: cherylleem

    Sadly my dog is retarded (or brainless) which upsets me in a funny way

  7. By: mica :0

    awwwww :)

  8. By: Brent Sterling

    15 people have something wrong with them. Who can dislike these bundles of

  9. By: TuroksQueen

    the last clip was so cute!

  10. By: Артем Курбатов

    Hey friends..please share and donate money if you have the opportunity. for
    dogs shelter

  11. By: Oliver Heyworth

    Dogs are awsome!!!

  12. By: 陳潔西妹

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  13. By: kiddothefuzz

    Filming your dog humping stuff is ultra weird… at least to me. Anyway,
    cute video.

  14. By: Michaela colsten

    my cat is sitting in my lap and giving me the dirtiest look for watching

  15. By: Mark Scotthorne

    Why do 25 dickheads hate this 

  16. By: Cian Cabrera

  17. By: Eric Julian

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  18. By: Tayah Walker

    Ow god this was so cute

  19. By: rondick sodusta


  20. By: Emilyoliver2003 Oliver

    It was funny. I love it

  21. By: Roshana Neufeld

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  22. By: Megan Hackbarth

    The first clip is life goals 

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