Funny dogs can’t wait to go for a walk – Funny dog compilation

Some dogs really want and can’t wait to go for a walk. Here’s a compilation about dogs that really can’t wait for a walk and are very excited and happy when …

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Added on: November 12th, 2014

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  1. By: Hanna P.

    One time, my brother didn’t take my dog for a walk like all
    morning………………………… AND THE DOG PEED ALL OVER THE

  2. By: Ausi Kain



  3. By: ramesh john

    Dogs= Life Time Happiness comes with four legs

  4. By: LilMissTravelPants

    I wish I could get that excited over anything. 

  5. By: Veggieburger

    Human: blah bleh blaeh ‘walk’?

  6. By: Julia Irlin

    That’s a beautiful dog <3

  7. By: Skittlez Kat AJ

    The last one looked like my dog we had to get rid of her long story i miss
    her , her name was goldie

  8. By: XanfireX1

    I hope all the owners actually take their dogs for a walk afterward.

  9. By: Harry Lube

    “Hey! hey! hey! Hey you! Man! Man! Take me for a walk! Hey! Walk! Take me
    for a walk! Hey! Hey! You said walk, jackass, don’t you play with me! Walk!
    Walk! Hey! Take me! Walk! Hey! Take me for a walk! Yesssss!”

  10. By: Melissa Sturgeon

    What breed is at 1:46? I think I know, but I want to be sure.

  11. By: daro2096

    Dog at 2 minutes 5 seconds says do you ever tidy this room it is a mess.

  12. By: Pewdiepie (fake)

    What breed was that at 2:23?

  13. By: Kerrie Blackwell


  14. By: Kenzie Craner

    the third one was priceless<3

  15. By: Sammy Knight

    That one at 3:10 I felt so bad for. He was getting practically pulled away
    from where he was going it looked like. :( All of them were so adorable if
    you don’t take all of them on walks right now XD

  16. By: AllwaysRight1

    And to think they beat and eat these in China lol.

  17. By: Richtofenaholic

    The first one they just used a laser

  18. By: TheLordmep

    Watching this makes me want to take my dog on more walks.

  19. By: Frabjous Beamish

    2:47 the dog should have done his business right then and there

  20. By: Ferenc Csicseri

    hate the owner who let the dog bothering the cat

  21. By: kokoy yarmuch

    The DOG of minute 0.21 I love it, is adorable. :-)

  22. By: Porsha Rucker

    1:43 ‘Get the lease…what happens if i get the leash?…take you out the
    car. With the lease. Go for a…….walk..or someth- woah!! Geez!!’ Hahaha
    so freaking cuuute!!

  23. By: miluroco

    cute!!!!!!!!!!!!ply check out my cat videos..

  24. By: pedro t-cons

    Best video ever

  25. By: kittykrap nyan cat

    1:43 is this a French bulldog?

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