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Funny Dogs Funny Videos Funny Animals Videos Compilation 2015 #10 Check out this awesome compilation on 2015. It has funny videos, funny animals, funny animal videos, funny video clips, funny.

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  1. By: Lux Jesica

    Funny Dogs Funny Videos 

  2. By: Lux Jesica

    Funny Dogs Funny Videos 

  3. By: Lux Jesica

    Funny Dogs Funny Videos 

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    Funny Dogs Funny Videos 

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    Funny Dogs Funny Videos 

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    Funny Dogs Funny Videos 

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    Funny Dogs Funny Videos 

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    Funny Dogs Funny Videos 

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  10. By: Smile Daisy

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    Funny Dogs Funny Videos 

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    Funny Dogs Funny Videos 

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  22. By: Bastian Centeno

  23. By: Tiffaeni bell

    awww cute dogs but funny at the same time

  24. By: Mike Smith

    Awesome dog vid!

  25. By: TortillaQuesadilla

    HI I AM TUFT! :) I am up to date with shots, good with kids, good with
    dogs, and good with cats. Tuft’s Story… Tuft is awesome. He’s great with
    bike rides, car rides, skateboard [basic], dog walks, shopping, sights,
    sounds, smells, and other people. He’s patient and trusts you’ll make good
    decisions. He respects the one who’s patient, kind, non-scolding, and
    allows for mistakes, and freedom. If you freak out over little things…
    he’s probably not for you. And he’ll probably stare at you and mentally
    label you as Special. Tuft: He was about 8 weeks when he walked right up to
    me. I had grilled chicken for the dogs who were with me. He hesitated for a
    second, but since the feral colony seemed to trust me he said, “Screw it!
    I’m getting chicken!” He allowed me to pick up his bony body, and straight
    to the vet he went. He tested neg. for FIV/FeLV and received flea
    treatment. About five hours later I gave him a natural flea treatment, and
    another four hours later I bathed him. He wasn’t happy, but he was being
    eaten alive. It took seven water changes before the water wasn’t bloody and
    one hour before all the bugs died. At eight weeks he should have been at
    least two pounds in weight. He weighed one pound & ten ounces. I took him
    to the vet yesterday and he now weighs 2 pounds!!!! Yay!!! In less than one
    week he managed to gain his health, and keep his spirit while learning to
    live. He’s the cat everyone wants to have. From the city ditch to a warm
    bed… we call him Tuft.
    More Info
    Pet ID: 30209425
    Shots Current
    House trained
    Adopt Tuft
    Show On Map
    Fullerton, CA, 92833

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