Funny Dogs Wearing Socks: Maymo & Penny

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Added on: February 10th, 2015

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  1. By: Maymo

    socks are not for walking they are for eating

  2. By: Lisa13245

    LMAO this cracks me up!

  3. By: Gizmo Gremlin

    Maymo & Penny are so cute. :) 

  4. By: Schminkles

    Poor Penny looks so bewildered. Still, she seemed to enjoy killing those
    paw-munching creatures in the end!

  5. By: Devan Warren

    I always look forward to these videos! 

  6. By: superbellabeau

    Maymo and Penny don’t look like they’re enjoying having those socks on but
    they look like they’re loving eating them up! Very cute!

  7. By: Jennifer Harris

    Eeeheheheee TOO cute♡!!!

  8. By: Healthy and Loving Life

    I think my tri-color Beagle needs a lemon brother or sister…I hope they
    get along like Maymo and Penny!

  9. By: scrappinnwrappin

    my beagle walks like that when I put her halloween costume on her! its so
    funny. :) tfs!

  10. By: doreal

    Their cuteness makes my day.

  11. By: Dan Carter

    I love that Maymo and Penny are always naked (colarless) but don’t you
    worry that they’ll run away with no identification?!

  12. By: Lisa Mulloy

    Maymo and Penny are adorable! Also I was surprised no one ended up wearing
    a sock on their head. :)

  13. By: nelda blanco

    Loved the shot of sock in mouth…FUNNY! 

  14. By: rage kiku

    thank you for always fun videos.

  15. By: Zeldar From Planet Beldar

    At the end they were like Stupid Socks

  16. By: Leonardo Angelini

    Funny Dogs Wearing Socks: Maymo & Penny: #dog
    #cane #cuteanimals #animals #cutedog 

  17. By: m1uffi

    Maymo and Penny are sooooo cute!!!

  18. By: Olwydd Skye

    So awkward and cute. :D

  19. By: maremacd

    Please do a question and answer segment–maybe in a day-in-the-life-of
    format. Why don’t they wear collars–because they are too loud for video?
    In what region of the US or Canada do they live? Are they snuggly? Do they
    enjoy a good belly rub or car ride? Where do they sleep at night? Are they

  20. By: Frankske Verstraeten

    I still find the size difference between them puzzling. I’m thinking Penny
    is fullgrown by now, and i know males are usually a bit larger than
    females, but this size difference is too big to be explained by just that.
    It’s primarily the difference in height and skull size that i find odd. I
    think Maymo is just exceptionally massive (as beagles go..) and Penny is
    short & stubby (again, as beagles go).

  21. By: Lindi Loo

    0:31 Penny’s like “come on man….are you done?” LOL 

  22. By: GothGirlGamer

    Lol. They look like they were on their tiptoes in those socks. Too cute.
    Great optical illusion! Question though… How did you guys come up with
    the name Maymo? I’ve always wondered that since the day i subscribed.
    Thanks =D

  23. By: Csilla Terézia Tongori

    Good they not wearing socks everyday..they need one pair more than human
    and they ate them after use…it be cost a fortune

  24. By: vix millz

    Love to see penny in the vids she is adorable 

  25. By: Debbie Benefiel

    My favorite dogs! Lol! Like the new circus digs. Thanks for the smiles.
    Always, a fan.

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