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Added on: September 3rd, 2014

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  1. By: jefumetescheveux

    The last one, oh my god, looks like a living doll

  2. By: Sirine Nasser

    The baby is so cute in the part at 6:14

  3. By: Sirine Nasser

    Guys play fantage, its a very fun game. its like a chating game and things
    like that…

  4. By: cookie blade arrow

    aww 6:15

  5. By: Rh1no1

    Babies make messy accessories, but they’re cute

  6. By: haydee arroyave

    Gracias You tube .Mucho trabajo pero lento , lento se llega , fue
    muy bueno pasar por aqui hoy . El que busca encuentra. Dios los
    bendiga , cuide , ayude y mantenga felices….,,,,,,,,L.L.L.

  7. By: Giesy Torres Garcia

    good girl !!? … she is not a dog dumb ass

  8. By: tSp289

    That baby is a better dancer than I am. I feel shame.

  9. By: Sultan Cheasy

    No no. The 2nd baby dance is wery good video trick. 

  10. By: shko ata

    no no no

  11. By: Lysha IsMyName

    “is there any thing u like?” “no, no” LOL

  12. By: Loredana Dana

    The first one tho

  13. By: pamela turaga

    I love the one no no no

  14. By: heather edwards

    love the video of the mother blowing her nose and baby gets scared then
    about it

  15. By: Ben Konz

    Dye undergo

  16. By: Draeyk Alexander

    Damn that kid can dance…

  17. By: aysel asadullayeva

    can size quzu keserem us

  18. By: Top movers online

    Funny Kid Videos!

  19. By: Poppy Morgan

    Love this, what do you think?

  20. By: olivia Lincoln

    I did not like the one with the bratty kid and the cat,no parental guidence
    on how to treat a animal,hes lucky the cats claws were not out.

  21. By: snowangel1611

    the expression of the baby at around 6:30 is so cute

  22. By: Valery rivas

    That last video where you’re like “ she’s not going to make it” and then
    you see her make it and you’re just like “phew”

  23. By: Tara Madden

    turn off the fucking music in the begging ugh

  24. By: Tara Madden

    the video of the kid with the bubbles and the dog was the voice of all baby
    laughs lolol

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