Funny mad dogs – Funny dog compilation

Haha these guys are really mad and funny though. Which one winns in your opinnion? 😀 Hope you like our compilation, please share it and SUBSCRIBE! Watch also our other videos! For more fun…

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Added on: February 20th, 2015

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  1. By: Tiger Productions

    New compilation about mad dogs. Hope you like it. Leave your comment below.

  2. By: Meganonr1

    So many bad owners… idiots like these shouldn’t be able to own a dog.

    Never pet a dog while they are being insecure (growling, or whimpers), by
    doing that you are encouraging them that whatever they are uneasy about is
    something bad and that they are doing the right thing.

    Sometimes dogs might attack the person ignoring their growling by petting
    them at that moment. Wich in some countries will lead to the dog being put
    to death.
    All of that because of bad owners who should read up on how to raise a dog
    before getting one.

  3. By: Thibo De Volder

    2:00 that looks like a fucking bear

  4. By: Cornerless

    Don’t wonder when they bite you. You should respect your pets like they
    respect you!

  5. By: madhav ram

    i dont know if u guys noticed it or not but at 2.06 that dog voice is same
    as the lamborghini aventador does. the startup sound is exactly the same.
    what do you think

  6. By: Cheryl Bazemore

    Never touch a dogs food once you put his food in the bowl

  7. By: Cheryl Bazemore

    I learned that the hard way but i still loved her anyway. My dog would cry
    when i was hurt she was my best Friend!

  8. By: Herr Hansen

    For some reason I find the sound of a deep, slow growl very soothing. 

  9. By: Thomas Steffien

    they say “don`t thread on me” ;)

  10. By: Haru Hoshi

    when the owners put their finger in front of a mad dog… I wish the dogs
    would bite their finger off…. it’s frigging stupid how they tempt them

  11. By: ShadowLover9158

    god damn those little bastards are mean! 

  12. By: MsRainbow Brite

    this isn’t funny

  13. By: MacNutz2

    to each his own but I don’t allow that kind of behavior with my dog babies.
    I get the impression that with some of the dogs in this vid, they are
    playing a game that both person and dog are involved in. Some of them are
    not mutual play, at all.

    I didn’t find this funny, interesting but not funny.

  14. By: Narutolvers

    What kind of dog was that at 0:49? The one with the yellow eyes ??

  15. By: Helena vall

    Agresives dogs aren’t funny,they are dangerous.

  16. By: MarioPL98

    1:52 this one sounds like harley davidson

  17. By: Fahmida Khatun

    ths is not good. squeeze its nose tight and shake. show im who is boss. it
    is important to tell the dog that YOU are boss.since u r not a wolf, u
    dont bite,u squeeze:) oh ya dont put any replies that oh u koiw im gonna
    squeeze ur nose and stuff. that would be stupid. thats how u tell them whos

  18. By: Dave Baker

    that little guy at 0:18 isnt really mad. He is probably very old and lost a
    few teeth :). Or maybe his nails were too long. My baby maltese is 16 years
    old now and still healthy and strong. He can run faster then me! But
    sometimes he looks angry because he misses a few teeth. I know his
    mustachio went up thats a sign of showing teeth. But he cant be that mad!
    But then again some dogs are just bitches.

  19. By: Nicole Kozminuk

    It’s not funny for animals to act like assholes. Fix the people who let the
    behave like tyrants!!!

  20. By: Shirley D

    I thought my cat was psycho !!! LOL

  21. By: Addie Simonelli

    It’s like most of the owners are encouraging that kind of behavior. How can
    they be laughing? I really don’t find it funny 

  22. By: rocksaltcomando

    Holy crap… My rescue is a sweet, precious baby. Never growls or bites. I
    can take her food, treats, & bones. Kids can lay all over her. She’s
    perfect. Am I biased? Lol no really she’s an amazing dog. She didn’t luck
    out at the shelter, I did.
    Proud owner of an English Shepherd/Sheltie mix: Nova

  23. By: Noko Beatz

    If the dog bites you bite it back.

  24. By: マチューヨッムラ

    1:55, sounds like a Cummins engine….

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