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In this funny clip package, a series of people get spooked, pranked, and all out scared to death. It’s a hilarious America’s Funniest Home Videos collection….

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Category: Pranks and Jokes

Added on: July 7th, 2014

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  1. By: AirFire18

    LOL, that last girl is probably so used to being scared.. that she no
    longer cares.

  2. By: Eigile Ceplauskaite

    The end is awesome! 😀

  3. By: Daniel Lopez

    Wow the last girl just wow!!!

  4. By: Phelas

    The last Girl was so Great :)

  5. By: dusty616l

    what the hell is a 100 to you people my gawd. do they have to die or

  6. By: sri nandhu

    LOL! i love this video!

  7. By: Cryptic

    Haha, thumbs up. These are the kind of compilations cryptic likes (but the
    one at 1:50 is no good, would have left that one out). Bye!

  8. By: Rebekah Wiseman

    I lvoe the black dude that screamed like a chick XD

  9. By: Isabel Wenzel

    1:55 Hey I have that same exact werewolf mask! You can open and close its
    mouth when you move your jaw.

  10. By: Isabel Wenzel

    The little girl… “Nice try Mike” lolz!

  11. By: Karla VanHaaster

    1:22 I thought that was a cat

  12. By: JoBroFaan

    hahah i want more scare videos!!!

  13. By: CrackahBling

    The one at 1:50 is hands down the best!!!

  14. By: JimmyL99


  15. By: Rebekah Wiseman

    Nice try, mike.

  16. By: Anna Maria

    Κάθε μέρα βλέπω τα βίντεο σου!! Με κάνουν να γελώ!! Ευχαριστώ που τα
    ανεβάζεις!! Greetings from Cyrpus!!!!

  17. By: bill gates

    I have doubts about their defense mechanism

  18. By: heriberto ramsob

    como se llama la musica de fondo????

  19. By: heriberto ramsob

    como se llama la musica de fondo????

  20. By: Flippy Musa

    Sound Like Dinosaur 1:40

  21. By: Flippy Musa

    At End FAIL

  22. By: Jonny Bravo

    Shiiiiit evaluator sorry =/

  23. By: Grace Snyder

    Last one is hilarious!

  24. By: Grace Snyder

    Oh my gosh, I don’t think you’ll reply to this, but can I just say you are
    the best youtuber ever!?!?!!?

  25. By: GameGeekJosh

    I guess she’s too tired to be scared…

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