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Added on: August 26th, 2014

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  1. By: Rebecca Wolfe

    2:36 hahahahahahaha

  2. By: zgladoch

    Good thematically arranged videos :))

  3. By: YourAnjl

    Adorable, especially the first dog.

  4. By: Mia Gil

    So cute……the first dog the pit he was badass…and adorable. 

  5. By: Philip Fenlon

    does anyone know what breed the first dog was?

  6. By: MySambo89

    That pit is gorgeous

  7. By: Trina Hines

    That Blue nose pitbull is Cute

  8. By: jolmeaki

    The first dog had to be a Salvadoran Pit Bull. It has an umpa lumpa body
    and a big ass head.

  9. By: Delila Barrera

    Damn that pitty built as fuck and cute

  10. By: Indigo Lash

    All the dogs are just so cute! But the pit bull was just so funny and
    pretty! <3 I love dogs

  11. By: Christian St Jean

    Omg that first one was just so cool thank you just thank you for posting
    that on YouTube your dog is super cool :)

  12. By: Missy Cole

    This is so weird

  13. By: Kyana Nickens

    Please subscribe to my youtube channel!

  14. By: tiamauri hill

    I like the second one its really funny to me

  15. By: jproductions

    pit bul was so adorable 

  16. By: gardina glow

    my videos are way better

  17. By: Wayne Traff

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    Training) do a google search! Ive heard some amazing things about it and my
    coworker got great results with it.

  18. By: Abi Shedden

    They are so funny and cute

  19. By: WeKnowTheTruth2012

    Scientists should really pay attention
    Dogs could be such a help
    Especially if they can speak a language and understand it

  20. By: WIlliam Averill

    I knew there would be boxers on here, they are suck talkers ! love my boxer

  21. By: crystalwolf2006

    Love the boxer with the tail! Makes me so happy to see a wagging boxer
    tail! <3

  22. By: Yuuki Asuna

    the first dog was really cute (:

  23. By: EmpireEcho

    stop learn to dogs “how to speak like humans” its compeltely retarded !

  24. By: Ruben Corda

    The first dog was funy

  25. By: TheCoatneyadkins

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