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Added on: October 19th, 2014

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  1. By: Mary Wiegratz

    Yes thank you! The dog was trying to bite the cats head off! :(
    Next time DO NOT I REPETE DO NOT let that dog or cat be around each other
    PLEASE! [o< and if you do that THANK YOU! :)

  2. By: harlyquin

    WOW some people are so dumb, you can easily tell the dog and cat were just
    playing, if it was a real fight there would be vocal noises and the cat
    would be going nuts

  3. By: Leon Nellus


  4. By: LanstussWoW


  5. By: Lisa Miller

    OMG this is CUTE and mean people are cruel

  6. By: Jordann AJ

    why use copyrighted music by pou artist?

  7. By: Jazmín Diaz

    Its cure

  8. By: joe s exton

    The second clip was cruel, ’cause I’m

  9. By: Hannah Crenshaw

    I have a cat that is like that cat but much more funny her eyes are so so

  10. By: Marilee Goodwin

    i dont like it it.s to booring

  11. By: Alma Tonini

    Too frustrating for a little cat. Didn’t like it

  12. By: Solimar Jones

    The 3rd cat was a little boring cute but boring cuz I see that everyday
    with my cats so yea 

  13. By: Regan Wilson

    The one with that stupid little kid pulling the kitten into the bath was
    cruel. They probably knew cats hate water and would make it freak the fuck

  14. By: Mustafa Eren

    huhu mal ingilizler amcık dil çevirmeyi bilmiyooo

  15. By: Ben Jacobson

    This is lame

  16. By: Unnisa Ibtesar

    This video does not make me laugh it is super boring

  17. By: Merle Trent

  18. By: Varsha Jani

    What a energy !!!!!

  19. By: Kaylee Young

    that was only 3 vids for 10 minutes ive seen funnier

  20. By: Bryan Jones


    I am making a presentation of animal videos as part of a reel for a
    tradeshow and wondered if I can use this footage? It will not be posted
    anywhere, only shown at a tradeshow related to the condominium industry in
    Toronto, Canada. Thanks and please advise!

  21. By: Constanza Navarrete


  22. By: Neil Rosier

    there are only 3 videos in 10 minutes!

  23. By: joao neves

    Regan no one likes you and you shouldint say stupid to there kid CU’s they
    will kill you when you go to prison

  24. By: NippiGames

    Someone is playing Pou. 00:00-00:42

  25. By: Lillie Nuzman

    On the second video are they fighting or in love I can’t tell

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