FunnyFuse Faves: Easter Bunny Scares Kids!

Excited and anticipating the Easter bunny’s arrival, two children are frightened to death when the Easter Bunny appears in their window.

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Added on: August 24th, 2014

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  1. By: Swagginunicorn

    Aww those poor kids they must be scared for life

  2. By: MysterRubiks

    I would tell those kids to shut the fuck up, screaming like a little bitch
    ain’t gonna get that satanic bunny of hell away from them.

  3. By: bailey walters

    omg so funny lol

  4. By: Rubie K

    The never ending ahhhhhhhahhhhhhhhhahhhhhhhahhhhhhhhhhhhahhhhhhhhhh

  5. By: Trevor Roberts

    Holy shit that is mean the moms just laughin her ass off

  6. By: donaciano303

    Wow! Well I jump scared and threw the phone at the wall

  7. By: The1OctoGoat

    I like hour the Easter bunnies face just slams against the window

  8. By: The1OctoGoat


  9. By: Skullkrusher103

    Easter is fun until the easter bunny shows up while your awake

  10. By: NameTaging

    I’d hate to see this kid when a a serial killer is in the house…they
    would be fucked!

  11. By: EisHumble

    Holy annoying scream.

  12. By: poonass21

    The kids are gonna hate easter for the rest of their lives good job…. :/

  13. By: Isaac Krisko

    Haha c: good luck until you go to High School Buddy .

  14. By: ProdigiousProdigy101

    Almost fell.down stairs when boy was laughing

  15. By: Michael Mendoza

    Lmao Kids were like omfg hes fucking real!? Holy shit!

  16. By: Alex Herzog

  17. By: Christina Langly

    Is it bad if I’m dying of laughter?

  18. By: Adam Thompson

    They didn’t scare them on purpose genius.

  19. By: SevenTwelve


  20. By: Olivia Munoz

    little kids + easter bunny =scared to death kids

  21. By: Spencer Carter

    These kids are dorks.

  22. By: Adlists

    Did you have a nice Easter?

    This kids will remember it for the rest of their lifes!

  23. By: spaceorbison

    I’ll bet that kid grew up all wrong

  24. By: Muffin Top

    Love how the mom constantly is trying to salvage the situation the whole
    time by shouting “It’s the Easter Bunny!” XD

  25. By: orangie84

    ever hear of frozen with fear??? that is why the boy doesn’t run.. he is so
    scared he’s scared to even move.. I had felt that a few times in my
    childhood as well.. I think we freeze because it would be more dangerous to
    turn your back on what you are afraid of and run away

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