Girl Is Shocked When She Finds Out There’s A Baby In There – AFV

During her’s mother’s ultrasound, this little girl is shocked when she discovers what she thinks pregnancy is! It’s your daily funny from America’s Funniest …

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  1. By: Duckface117


  2. By: America's Funniest Home Videos

    Priceless reaction! lol

  3. By: ShisuiEntertainment

    fat pig eat a baby

  4. By: Bob Jones

    Classic mixup lol

  5. By: Huggest

    Girl Is Shocked When She Finds Out There’s A Baby In There – AFV

    This is what a girl thinks about pregnancy!
    #Baby #pregnant


  6. By: Laura Salvatore


  7. By: sweety skitty

    so kawii

  8. By: MC donald

    she seems like tellin the truth doe

  9. By: Puggi Pickle


  10. By: Interesting Videos

    This Girl Sees Her Mama Getting An Ultrasound. Her Response Is Hysterical

    Please Follow: +Interesting Videos 

  11. By: The Seaman

    I would have responded, “Yeah and if you are not nice anymore I’ll eat you
    too” hahah 

  12. By: 高漢霖


  13. By: Sandeep singh Chhina

    she was told to say that.

  14. By: 阿布斯

    Ha ha ha XD~~~~

  15. By: Gao Zi


  16. By: CampinCarl354

    Kinda reminds me when I was her age and my sister was having her first
    child. I went with my sister to the doctors so she could see the baby
    through ultrasound. I touched the device not realizing it was covered in
    jell and said “uh oh, I think the baby threw up” then the doctors laughed

  17. By: Allaluca

    HAHAHAHA~Super cute ^^

  18. By: 蔡宇軒

    You ate a baby?

  19. By: rg0057

    This is why we don’t lie to kids. The baby is not in your tummy. It’s in
    your uterus.

  20. By: Mohasin TM

    you ate the baby?!! :D

  21. By: EnzoTheBaker


  22. By: sudhindra srinivas

    Hahaha.. thought provoking question!! :-))

  23. By: BluePhoenix


  24. By: 江慶樺

    sorry girl ! I’m so hungry .

  25. By: idontcarei

    she is so fat that shd cdnt notice a whole baby in her belly

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