Happy and excited dogs – Funny and cute dog compilation

Sometimes dogs get really excited, they maybe even overreact sometimes. Here are just a few examples of that :) Hope you like our compilation, please share it and SUBSCRIBE! Watch also our…

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Added on: December 24th, 2014

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  1. By: mario girolami

    First comment and like woooo

  2. By: JoRDaNJaViKz


  3. By: 3vidence4you

    To loud music. Otherwise good.

  4. By: Pinkie Bat

    5th comment

  5. By: zilla2006able

    cute :)

  6. By: MaZi

    first !

  7. By: QLO - Quick Life Optimizer

    Your videos are great. Can you make something with mini-spitz :)

  8. By: Tinkili

    That pug is actually the only dog I’ve ever seen that likes to get a bath

  9. By: lisa greenleaf

    Can’t hear what people are telling them with the piano overpowering. …

  10. By: babygirl3301

    i love it when they leap for joy then become rambunctious…you know by
    mere observation that they are so happy and excited. you can see their soul
    thru sheer actions. i love them! 

  11. By: babygirl3301

    one more thing, yes the music is too loud indeed!

  12. By: kaitlin_08

    So cuteee!!

  13. By: Cathy de Guzman

    Cutie pies! :)

  14. By: beeehappy54

    The doggies are cray cray lol . Thank you for sharing your video =)

  15. By: Farbror Pierre

    Ah, this music reminds me of Nerdcubed!

  16. By: CoverDizaster

    nice vid =)

  17. By: Aleksandra Wisniowska

    So sweet

  18. By: Peter De Klerk

    Expect that GERMAN sherperd

  19. By: Denise Vasquez

  20. By: iodrivesphrere

    Music was perfect… Turn down YOUR VOLUME!!!!

  21. By: Ana Sabillon

    Que bonito

  22. By: Ana Sabillon

    Que bonito

  23. By: faisal khan

    Music Destroyed The vid !!

  24. By: Julian reus


  25. By: LillyD Perez


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