Happy Halloween AFV

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Added on: October 9th, 2014

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  1. By: thisisdarealmi

    hahaha the one pumpkin trick at the end i had tht done to me when i was
    little and im just like “OH Hi!! Nice to meet you!!!” lol i was like 3!

  2. By: gideon eziama


  3. By: Ben10girl1001

    Where was 0:34 at? Egyupt or Indiana Jones Ride?

  4. By: kittiehello7

    1:09, 0:17, 0:48, 0:52, 0:56, 1:03 the best

  5. By: eLaSaysDAMN

    0:20 ,oh shit ! that’s my fav ! damn funny

  6. By: jaydrums101

    Just 2 just 2!

  7. By: EmmyKami

    Or excuse me, John Carpenter. xD “Halloween”.

  8. By: scar259

    the computer one was funny

  9. By: lpslover88

    luved te scared black women on 0:18

  10. By: twister330


  11. By: Grego297

    Whats the name of the song?

  12. By: Dlady5P

    its the theme from halloween

  13. By: mehlovejustinbieber

    that is sooo efin’ funny!!!LMAO!

  14. By: sk8boarder235

    LOL the starting made me laugh hard cause the kid looked retarded

  15. By: TheRoxychick12345

    ha ha i love :29

  16. By: Diangelo Woods

    o.m.g mean but itz still a little funny and diz iz my favorite show : love :

  17. By: XXXMrScArTeRXXX

    hahaha! @ 1:01 that kid was forreal

  18. By: Valeria Calderón MM

    1:03 hahahaha the kid rules!!

  19. By: onezombieleft

    hahahah good old times i always do these tricks hahahahah

  20. By: lpslover88

    0:19 (or 0:20) is very funny

  21. By: LoveJB030194

    I cant believe the kid hit the man…

  22. By: Caveman1593

    Lmao that last one!!!

  23. By: jaydrums101


  24. By: thesomeonetoknow

    @MrJakson112 its the Halloween theme from 1978.

  25. By: MultiJames95

    @valkyriexvampire I hope that kid had better hit him with a lightsaber like
    a Jedi knight

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