Hilarious Pregnancy Announcement – AFV

There’s nothing quite like announcing that there will be a new bundle of joy entering the family! But everyone’s reactions are definitely uniquely all their …

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  1. By: Eva Marbleson


  2. By: Eleanor Stagg


  3. By: Jimmy Le

    3rd comment

  4. By: Mohasin TM

    last one! xD

  5. By: Mlpfreak3

    The last one was Hilarious

  6. By: Jackie Watson

    When that kid said “you did it dad” I bet he knows where babies come from

  7. By: josephmilsark123

    The 2 grand prize winners featured in this montage: You Ate the Baby!?! And
    Great News for Great Grandma. 

  8. By: GyrlBlaque

    He’ll get over it =D

  9. By: The_Swedish_Laptop

    Why does americans make a such a big thing about it?

  10. By: MollyTalenter

    why that boy dont want a pregnancy from his momy? 1:58

  11. By: Joe Blow

    Too cute! I wish them all the best.

  12. By: kisuna mayan

    the last one is funny because he dont want a rival sibling

  13. By: Laila Christopher

    the one where the old lady freaks out is halarious!

  14. By: Auzzie N

    the last one lol 

  15. By: Jayashree Roopchand

    “You ATE the BABY?!”

  16. By: Grace Smith

    this is so cute (the one with the 3 kids on the couch is the best)!

  17. By: karen mae lopez

    i dont get why that girl (the father with 3 daugthers beside him) is crying
    like that.. lol

  18. By: John Cohagen

    Pathetic Vids!

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