How To Make A Mess – AFV

In this funny compilation by America’s Funniest Home Videos, tune in to see a collection of some of the messiest AFV stars we know. SUBSCRIBE:…

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Added on: January 1st, 2015

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  1. By: JesusGirlz09


  2. By: Jennifer Perez

    I do that easily at home 

  3. By: Johnny iParty

    please make your videos longer. just group it together more. nothing less
    than 4 min please.

  4. By: Isabella Alvarez

    So funny to make a mess

  5. By: angelz44

    The first one made me laugh very hard. 

  6. By: Hunter St. Arnold


  7. By: Vicky Bro

    2:21 lolololol

  8. By: Roblox GirlGamer

    2nd one

  9. By: Anluis GABIN

    The 3

  10. By: Francesca Cain

    I love how the lady tells the kids to be careful. Haha!

  11. By: susie sunshine vs northridge nancy 321231

    Flour kids that make a mess in the living room then the mom says “What are
    you doing?”

  12. By: Erik The Raptor

    Laughed my butt off LoL 

  13. By: Lori LoPresti

    Noooo, I hate spills!!!!!

  14. By: Transfer to Digital

    It’s a Friday… get messy!

    What’s the biggest mess you’ve ever caught on tape?

    #Kelowna #Vancouver #TransfertoDigital #Video #VHStoDVD #VideotoDVD #Funny
    #Messy #AFV #HomeVideos #HomeMovies

  15. By: Slamy

    I LOVE AFV!!!!!!!!!!I’ve made 2 big messes so far. One time me and my
    brother drew on the TV screen XD It was ok because we got a new one a few
    days afterwards. Now Im working on my model train mountain which require
    cutting and filing styrofoam, so my house was a winter wonderland

  16. By: JamVlogs

    1:42 Epic fail

  17. By: Evalyn Tonks

    I am sooo trying that rubber band thing 

  18. By: Gavin H

    OMG the second one

  19. By: Nikk Grece

    How To Make A Mess – AFV

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