Julie Andrews and Carol Burnett at the 1999 Tonys

Julie Andrews and Carol Burnett sing a medley of songs before introducing the cast of Fosse at the 1999 Tony Awards.

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  1. By: RoseLippedMaiden

    Haha I loooove the two of them together!!! Thanx!

  2. By: denymaria

    Thanks ! Great video!

  3. By: JulieAndrews135

    This was very funny! They are loverly together.

  4. By: suziescott2007

    Carol flicks her hair alot….this was after? Her speeking voice is raspyer
    not than it was then…?

  5. By: Cheddar222

    @suziescott2007 she still looks great!!!

  6. By: suziescott2007

    @Cheddar222 absoultly!!!

  7. By: dolphinjjam

    nooooo! dont stop! let us think you are doing another julie and carol
    special!!!! i LOVE those specials and i really really really wish they
    would do another one! they did one for the 50’s, one for the 60’s, and one
    for the 70’s and 80’s. they have the 90’s and 2000’s to catch up on! (:

  8. By: Naimehob

    Everything either of them do is beautiful.

  9. By: musicaltheatrejunky

    I love they quote Merrily We Roll Along first. “Hey old friend, what do you
    say old friend?” Nobody ever talks about Merrily. :)

  10. By: dairyqueen125

    funny, just funny!!

  11. By: Katie Greenough


  12. By: JulieAndrewsLover22

    How sweet ((: !

  13. By: Iranaa

    they are my favorit friend couple ­čśÇ

  14. By: no one's favorite asshole

    @keleic Well, it’s sort of like her range from about the C above middle C
    and up went *POOF!* and away, but aside from that, I agree with you – her
    voice is still pretty good.

  15. By: Rick Redmond

    They have marvelous chemistry together! Of course, their endearing
    friendship doesn’t hurt.

  16. By: andreamoboe

    They are such fantastic friends! :)

  17. By: Abbie Jones

    What’s sad is this was right after Julie lost her voice :(

  18. By: madamerotten

    “Don’t you just love these keys?”

  19. By: Jessica Lee

    How beautiful the friendship is´╗┐

  20. By: Danie Marie

    How amazing would it be if these two hosted the Tonys??? Seriously… think
    about it….´╗┐

  21. By: seaquest2011

    i was surprised Juile Andrews wasn’t in Carol Burnett show favorites dvd´╗┐

  22. By: Knappa22

    “Don’t you love these keys?”
    Carol is so funny :D´╗┐

  23. By: IrishEyes1989

    Oh my god, Carol and Julie are TOO adorable together. I can’t handle it

  24. By: coolsweetgroovy

    Love Carol and Julie´╗┐

  25. By: Celeste Gray

    Thanks coolsweet nice´╗┐

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