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Added on: November 27th, 2014

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  1. By: Андрій Василюк

    4:52 girl’s reaction ;D and 12:55 ^)

  2. By: Benner P.

    Uno de los mejores oficios del mundo: Hacer reír a las personas y
    regalarles un momento de felicidad en su vida.

  3. By: Ruben cerin chacon

    what is the song minute 5:00 please

  4. By: CHAO6789

    At 1:04 or 1:05 you can see the girls pants

  5. By: Robert Pesserl

    Izbor najboljih u 2014

  6. By: wezley turner

    2:14 this lady has a stuffed pet on her seatbelt.

  7. By: Arya Sinha

    0 Wow

  8. By: degelkmashan777

    @9:30 the girl in the pink is a realll sport LOL

  9. By: Usman Ilyas

    love it its too funny 😀 :D

  10. By: Stefaan De Clerck

  11. By: ေအာင္ထက္ ေက်ာ္


  12. By: frostxr

    I thought i would see what the thumbnail picture was. :?

  13. By: yosef ashri

  14. By: Réda Bahlas

  15. By: Nathan Sickafus

    How about the bear necessities at 9:39

  16. By: Sabrina Suozzi

    I figured out why half these pranks work in the first place. Because
    canadians are so nice they’ll do any favor asked. This shit would never
    work here. 

  17. By: Katrina Mifsud

  18. By: IAMGOD712007


  19. By: Geoff Capriola

    i wonder if marie-pierre bouchard has a boyfriend. well, because me likey.

  20. By: KhAlIDSnOP SnoP

    2nd 4th ,last are trash

  21. By: Zia Ahmad

  22. By: Ben K

    bad video

  23. By: burdst


  24. By: Dylan Carroll

    7:12 dat face doe

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