Just For Laugh- Top 10 funny pranks

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Added on: December 7th, 2014

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  1. By: Esmeralda Ortiz

    Amazing job!

  2. By: Nihilsciens

    The “wohoo” sounds are the same as those from Pokémon Colloseum 2 on N64.
    They must be cheap to buy or easy to get ahold of. Personally I don’t get
    why they have to remove the natural sounds and replace it with prerecorded

  3. By: Big Game

    Wahahahaha, MEN are all the same, LMAO!!

  4. By: OrochiNerd

    1:34 Matrix lol

  5. By: Brandi H

    omg the last girls expression on the last prank lmao

  6. By: Kale haze

    that ass gone hahahhahhaa

  7. By: Eibon Antorian

    Ok the whole relative just died think kinda pissed me off…WHOO WE’RE
    RICH…too far…-_-

  8. By: ClaZzz


  9. By: Vicky Ransom


  10. By: Ahh Comedy

    funny ass video good job

  11. By: ren Hoyze

    Finally some good clean pranks :) I was laughing so hard on these 

  12. By: الفلسطيني الجزائري

    this is sparta

  13. By: david ds

    What song is that in the first prank, with the pink ladies and lost wallet

  14. By: Riley Warner

    These are stupid pranks

  15. By: EveDinh

  16. By: EveDinh

    That first one is mean 

  17. By: Novedine Walter

    Very lame

  18. By: Diane Diaz

    I think its the forth one, But you can see the gorilla has human eyes!

  19. By: Benjamin Vellanikaran

    The last one looked like Robin from How I Met Your Mother

  20. By: angelie952

    The last vedio lol :D


    total langweilig und dumm

  22. By: salam estefan

    Someone please watch my funny prank

  23. By: Pete McAuliffe

    who would kiss a random frog jut for a kid that they don’t even know, i
    know it’s a spoiler but just saying…

  24. By: YesYou123333

    WOW. A frog to a prince. Evolution is true after all.

  25. By: Gawain Vincentz

    Has anyone found out which melody is used in the video with the pink ladys
    loosing their wallet? I have tried to search on gimmicks and robot music
    but it doesn’t seam to be the first song that comes up. I thought it could
    be Gershon Kingsley the guy who made the melody called “popcorn” but that
    didn’t give any results either. I have found out that “just for laughs” has
    released 2 albums with prank music but somehow they didn’t release that
    specific song. It isn’t a very good melody but somehow its pretty catchy.
    If anyone happens to finde out which melody it is or who made it i would be
    happy to know. :)

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