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Added on: November 13th, 2014

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  1. By: Grell Sutcliff

    um…u stole someones video -.- at least change the name in the
    beginning…u are not sarah

  2. By: Arun j

    i like this video, want to see more

  3. By: Melissa Aguirre

    The orange polo shirt is Tila Tequila? 1:33:25

  4. By: Felicia G.

    To much talking

  5. By: abby calumpang


  6. By: TIto Mody

    new video please ­čśë HAHAHAH

  7. By: codns61


  8. By: borhan hamzah

    Jub la

  9. By: Jasmine cortes


  10. By: montreyNatrik Natrik

    Arms 5.4

  11. By: Tatiana Schiavone

    Some if these videos are funny. Most of them, just interesting. But
    some….come on, it’s like they don’t know what else to do and they have to
    keep coming up with ideas…some are…mmmm…lame at best. Like the one
    where the people come out of the public restroom, what’s that about ?? Or
    the annoying rGrus

  12. By: Tatiana Schiavone

    …sent ahead if time.. Or the annoying gruesome ones where the cook cuts
    his finger, or the one with the snake ..some are repeated also I mean, we
    have to be objective and, it’s really like they’ve run out of ideas so they
    are doing whatever, just anything. I still like the videos, but…could be
    better. Thnkx saluti from Italy

  13. By: Streets, blocks, experimental music

    I think as with everything creative, people are not able to stay
    continuously on top line, or high wave, how to say. All the nice things
    they do that shine out is the result of their gift, their continuous
    devotion and hard work. There just can’t be stars without any planetary
    dust. Besides, there are only very few which are funny for nobody.

  14. By: Mohammad Danish


  15. By: Mohammad Danish


  16. By: val dom

    Wow the best’s ive ever seen.

  17. By: Theinvader

    men i can’t speak my lungs hurts because of laughing why does the catholics
    have christ that is long haired? where as in the bible it says men should
    not have long hair and women should have long hair ……

  18. By: shaistah imambaccus

    not funny´╗┐

  19. By: shaistah imambaccus

    not funny very stupid video´╗┐

  20. By: puffpuffgive100

    wat a waste of time´╗┐

  21. By: Dharmendra Papagani

    Don’t see thise it’s not funny…´╗┐

  22. By: Indo Merdeka

    Jarigan susah´╗┐

  23. By: Indo Merdeka

    Jarigan susah´╗┐

  24. By: DEWA PETIR

    Jos gandos top markotop´╗┐

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