Just For Laughs Gags 2009- Toilet

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Added on: February 1st, 2015

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  1. By: natkaaay

    like a stupid bitch man

  2. By: gareth18ful

    i like this gags..haha..

  3. By: Jeremy W

    @mrtuber132 i see it on Comedy Central quite a lot late at night. Its a
    Quebec based show so you may have to be in Canada

  4. By: IwanRowlz

    @ildlgamereviews it used to be on fiver all day every sunday but i dont
    think it is anymore.

  5. By: Bradley Freeman

    those guys are like wtf!!!!!

  6. By: liNEr Ulaannjj

    nice :)

  7. By: r8nils

    LOOL xD

  8. By: salimakansel

    bunlar manyak

  9. By: rez AZ

    one more reason to love CANADA :)

  10. By: Ragaapoo

    @rayanhazam your so dumb!-_-‘ how can you make this? first of the cameras
    were hidden!

  11. By: docdear

    funny one


    This shit is SO FAKE, everyone seemed to comunicate with signs as if they
    were in a silent movie. Obviously, since they know they don’t have a track
    with voices, so they tell the actors to do all that shit with their arms,
    hands and faces.



  14. By: Summer Destynie

    @canadiangirl2005 LOL I think your fake! What you just said was pure
    bullshit and really ignorant. Listen to yourself, dude!!

  15. By: Mridula Prabhu

    why would anybody dislike this??

  16. By: Waluigifan95

    XD This is my favorite prank!

  17. By: SollicitationisC

    Crimen Sollicitationis

  18. By: SCI Hades


  19. By: CandyFrEaK2100

    0:22 he was like wtf? lolol

  20. By: nokodtunifDF

    @MsOzzy20 o_o you mean the doors that don’t exist? go back and check, it
    might have been my bad eyesight but i didn’t see a door anywhere. and even
    if there was, the people would be too busy wondering “what the f***” to
    think logically.. ‘cuz it isn’t exactly an everyday situation

  21. By: Meg L

    @incomplete2999 the way in is at 0:49 the way out is at 1:12

  22. By: John Moscatello


  23. By: theloonybros

    It’s a tele-port-a-potty!

  24. By: Azusa Nakano

    240p…we meet again…..

  25. By: risco avy

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