Just For Laughs Gags – Jesus Compilation

Click here for some awesome stuff: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HFcqrHuyyq4&list=PLpzZOyZp4drJEiqilYNMVOcGwLKSH5XSF.

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Added on: August 3rd, 2014

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  1. By: Nikos Drosidis

  2. By: Paul Giles

  3. By: Euro Maestro

    *Laugh, and the whole world laughs with you*

  4. By: Abner Qian

    *Laugh, and the whole world laughs with you*

  5. By: John Wiggins

    Happy easter…
    Just For Laughs Gags – Jesus Compilation

  6. By: Renelle Cuevas

  7. By: Alex Pierro

  8. By: Kiera Campbell

    Oh, that Jesus.

  9. By: Polypoly06

    This is a Canadian show filmed in Montreal. The main reason why it is
    voiceless because people in Montreal sometimes speak French or English. I
    am aware they air this in the U.S. since I saw it when I visit my relatives
    in L.A. But, I doubt people in the U.S. have the same humour and good
    sportsmanship when pranked.

  10. By: ALEKZ6197

    6:53 looks like Kylie Kardashian when she gets older no doubt !

  11. By: Neon Waffles

    No, no, most people from where I live would probably start flailing around
    like an angry retard and shouting profanities at the top of their lungs,
    threatening the pranksters with various unlikely (given the high obesity
    rate around here) feats of violence.

  12. By: Anna Paw

    i don’t think make fun of some people religion is funny. this show is very

  13. By: TheEvilOfScientology

    No, it’s basically what I said, with the addition that we’d have a lot less
    stupidity if religion was gone as well. It helps, when complaining about
    generalisation, not to generalise about entire countries yourself. Did I
    mention the hypocrisy of the religious? I did now. :)

  14. By: IcannotBELIEVE

    I don’t mean to rain on your parade but I just find it sort of humorous
    that this is coming from a guy who’s username is ‘angryscreamx’

  15. By: RedSpadeDude

    Whats the name the song playing through the video??? Its very nice

  16. By: lulle103

    That guy really enjoys being jesus!

  17. By: Daniel Scheffmann

    i love the black dude’s reaction at 5:31

  18. By: Rufus Lewis

    1:12 he has a bald spot on the back of his head.

  19. By: sweiland75

    LOL! Judging by your country’s current dilemma, it looks like it won’t be
    around much longer. We will survive though. 😉

  20. By: Benedita Cyber

    if it was true i would be so happy to help Christ carry the cross.its so

  21. By: Patrick Luiz

    he he he he

  22. By: PS4Fever

    jews or atheists no doubt.

  23. By: francisco martinez

    This video is hilarious!

  24. By: MoLahBel2

    Just For Laughs Gags – Jesus Compilation

  25. By: guyfihi

    Oh yeah religious people are stupid, especially Georges Le Maitre. He was
    on the same intellectual level as Einstein. Look him up on Wikipedia.
    Look, as a religious person I can’t prove that God exists, but Atheists
    can’t prove he doesn’t and in my opinion they have more explaining to do.
    Look around, the universe is all by chance? I don’t think so.

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