Kid Disappears Under Wedding Dress

Don’t miss another Gag – Subscribe!: One of the best disappearing acts you’ll see today! Or ever! This kid knows exactly where to run and…

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Added on: August 28th, 2014

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  1. By: Monster Raptor


  2. By: HByway

    I want to be that boy XD

  3. By: Strazyplus

    So glad they are not screaming

    makes my ears bleed every time…

  4. By: Duh Enlightened One

    The guy at 1:03 should be charged with assault and attempted rape. How
    dare he pick up the woman’s dress. What a stupid ignorant fat fool.

  5. By: Rimmintine

    Ummm….are you sure a little boy should have to experience that at his

  6. By: Prank Files

    Lucky kid

  7. By: Smegma007

    The bride has nice legs and eyes yo.

  8. By: A Fermin

    The kid is overweight and too clumsy. They should have used a more agile
    and fit kid. 

  9. By: tu4eva4

    You know its a good prank when the Chinese Man can’t figure what’s going

  10. By: Joan Cuthill

    hahaha I love this my friends. ♥

  11. By: Just For Laughs Gags

    NEW PRANK! Lifting the bride’s dress to see “what’s underneath” with the
    groom standing RIGHT by your side is VERY ballsy and brave!

  12. By: Joshua Lee

    I would probably not disappear just stay under there and look at the stars 

  13. By: Min Thu Ta

    The Asian guy is Kev Jumba’s long lost brother 

  14. By: James Sunderland

    Where’s the ginger one? :/

  15. By: kenzo moretti

    More black scum in the show, fuck Canada!

  16. By: jjstatic102

    This gag is dangerous because when the woman lifts up her dress due to her
    extremely attractive legs it may cause the person looking for the boy to
    get a severe nose bleed. This would cause head trauma, headaches, or

  17. By: Olga Kitz

    1:31 this kid has got a piercing O.o

  18. By: Tong Skyhawk


  19. By: TheRifleAddict

    There not funny

  20. By: Lola Smith

    Ps on a kid

  21. By: Sandy Singh

    Dat bride is quiet hot 

  22. By: Drew Perez

    0:40 Kev Jumba

  23. By: Joel Kristensson

    so sexy

  24. By: clash clans

    If i was the boy i would’ve lick her pussy

  25. By: ismael mzury

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