Kids At The Zoo: Compilation

In this funny animal video, tune in to see an awesome compilation of kids interacting with their favorite animals at the zoo. SUBSCRIBE TO PETSAMI: http://bi…

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Added on: February 8th, 2015

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  1. By: Heiliger Jesus

    I fucking hate zoos. All those animals should live in fucking wild life.

  2. By: kallistiX1

    “Yes….”Playing.” Mmhmm…Release me, human, and let us see how cute I am
    then.” Signed every animal in this video…except for the otters.

  3. By: Rakesh Gupta

    i wish one day that glass will be broke 

  4. By: squito94

    Fuck zoos and their enslavement of animals.

  5. By: 101Mongol

    Can anyone please tell me a solid reason why zoos are evil? And that the
    kids who laugh at the animals deserve to be mauled?

  6. By: Sylvia Aranda

    This is a sad compilation of stressed out animals. These animals should be
    in the wild or a reservation. Take your kids on a hike, on a safari, or to
    Yellowstone and show them what healthy animals look like and how to respect

  7. By: greggmcc

    What kind of asshole lets their child lick and kiss that filthy glass.

  8. By: Mark Farner

    See, I’m a little torn here.. I HATE Zoos, animals should be in their own
    habitat, and we should be privileged to watch them there… If Zoos HAVE to
    exist, they should be there to protect the endangered species we are slowly
    driving to extinction, and we should pay dearly so they can have as much
    room as is possible in a captive environment. But… look at those
    children, they were experiencing, at least, SOME contact with animals they
    would never have the chance to see, if even only 10% of them grow up to
    remember how they saw animals in captivity, and it gives them an
    uncomfortable feeling in adult life.. then something’s being
    accomplished… Just an opinion, don’t shoot me…

  9. By: beng694

    most of these seem like acts of aggression, children being bratty and
    parents being far too dismissive about what’s going on. it’s unfair to
    treat the animals like that when they react aggressively they are not happy
    and you should back away immediately. these places are their homes not
    your’s have some respect. also if that glass breaks in most of these
    situations your child will almost certainly die

  10. By: Frank Salce

    Seriously, for me that sometimes make fun of the animals with pain, this
    video is not other thing but a permanent animal torture!!!!!!! I hate this
    Zoo. there it would be good to have only one side viewable, so the Animals
    wont see Human watching them.

  11. By: Lekteris

    I hate to see those mighty creatures locked up. At some point I wish they
    got out and rip apart those fuckers who put them there to amuse people for
    money. Animals so much better beings than people they have no greed they
    don’t kill others for fun or for money like humans they don’t destroy earth
    like we do

  12. By: Mark Minnema

    animals go do something about it! There are many activists actually
    contributing to helping animals so get off your fucking computer and do
    something or stop talking about how everyone else should do something. The
    people who put these animals in zoos are DOING something, so if you think
    it is wrong, you have to try and DO SOMETHING about it. This generation has
    too many people that spend time writing online but do literally nothing to
    help. Every youtube video contains worthless complainers (prolly about
    80%), and then regular people who just simply watch the video and maybe
    write a comment that doesn’t make them sound like an over opinionated
    douchebag. If you are the latter, CHEERS! If you are the former, please do
    the world a favour and kill yourself. Thank you :)

  13. By: arianne martell

    to any who know about animal behavior,are what these animals doing hunting
    instincts? like that lion trying to grab the baby by the neck at 2:54. yet
    they keep pawing at the glass in what looks like playfulness. same for the
    primates/orangutan seem to be more out of curiosity than aggression. 

  14. By: happy gilmore

    I know that glass is incredibly strong and all… But I don’t know how
    parents can sit there and watch a lion try to maul their child… 

  15. By: John Aby

    It looks like most people commenting here don’t understand how the world
    works. Animals in the wild are getting killed by other animals, poachers
    and other causes like diseases, drought, flooding etc. There are many bad
    people (poachers) out there to kill animals and make many species extinct.
    Zoos provide a safe place where these species can survive and breed. Many
    animals would have been extinct by acts of bad people (poachers) if it
    weren’t for the zoos. Zoos need money to feed and provide medicine to these
    animals. So as good citizens, it is our duty to stop poachers and support
    zoos. I support both programs – programs which try to survive these species
    in wild and programs which try to survive these species in captivity.

  16. By: Jonathan Simes

    I am disappointed people!! So many comments on animal cruelty. The days of
    the traveling carny or gypsy train with a few skinny flea ridden ponies are
    long gone! The educational factors alone make zoo’s advantageous. Health,
    social, medical, companion, extinction prevention, biology, physiology…
    How long do you want the list? Stop trying to make the world all pc when
    people are still being sold to slavery, prostitution, killed for beliefs,
    famine, war etc is absolutely rife!!! Where are your priorities? Is a
    monkey that throws poo more important than someones sister being gang raped
    then beheaded?

  17. By: Loo Read

    It’s quite clear to see how frustrated and Pi##ed off the animals are
    feeling being caged in for human amusement. Not one parent was trying to
    teach their children about these animals. I fail to see the humor & got no
    enjoyment from viewing this, only felt sympathy for the animals. 

  18. By: KDOGG331

    To the people saying a lot of these are aggression or stress – I agree,
    especially the lions, but I also think that SOME of the behavior truly is
    play or curiosity. Like some of the primates or otters, beaver, etc. and
    especially with the lions, some of them seem like young cubs or sub-adults
    and like the do want to play. I agree that the pawing the glass is more
    frustration there’s a barrier than play in most of these cases but in some,
    as mentioned, I do think it truly is play or curiosity. Especially with the
    younger cubs. They exhibit the same behaviors when given balls and things.
    That said, if a lion that size tried to play with a little baby or toddler,
    they’d still be dead but still

  19. By: alex geiger

    lmfao “aww hes playing” yeah hes trying to play remove the spine from the

  20. By: neil78b

    How come all these idiotic videos showing utter disregard towards fellow
    animals is all of the same skin color?

  21. By: Sabrina Miller

    Kids At The Zoo: Compilation

  22. By: MaLynne Harrill

    I remember when I was little and we went to the zoo, we went to see the
    butterflies and the crazy things kept crawling in my hair.

  23. By: gregjarnigan1

    Stupid parents don’t realize most of those animals would eat their kids,
    given the chance.

  24. By: Jack Griffin

    What’s with the hippies in the comments on the animals in zoos? It’s a good
    way to learn more about them and what they do. Besides, most of them are
    bred in captivity and cannot survive in the outside world. 

  25. By: Epodmusic17

    My interpretations of these clips
    Lion 1- Lemme eat yo’ face!, Gorilla 1- Adorable, Lion 2- Lemme eat yo’
    face! Orangutan- Lemme lick yo’ face!, Bear 1- Lemme eat yo’ face! Chimp 1-
    I made a friend! Giraffe- MMM! SO GOOD! Alligator- Nom nom! Tiger 1- Lemme
    eat yo’ face! Lion 3- I waaaaant iiiiiit! Lion 4- MY SPOT! Chimp 2- Muwah!
    Otter- Aw so cute! Monkey- OH SHIT! Lion 5. Let. Me eat. Your FACE! Otter
    1- Weeeee! Gorrilla 2- Get the fuck away! Lion 6- GIMMEEE!!! Baboon- Wave
    at THIS! Armadillo- Come back! I love you! Lion 7- Maybe I can lure it
    behind the glass… God damn it. Nope! Ostrich- I will get you human. Lion
    8- What will it take for me to get your face?! Bear 2- HUUR HUUR I’MA BURR!
    Otter 2- I need that apple in my life… You have your phone dammit. Bear
    3- No no, THIS is a proper hand shake. Leopard- Scratching post! Tiger 2- I
    am surrounded by idiots. 

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