Kids Stuck In Stuff

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Added on: March 13th, 2015

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  1. By: Haley WeirdAnimal

    And instead of helping, just film. Pshh not like they are stuck! Wow

  2. By: Willvbä brownington

    once I got stuck knee-deep in a very thick patch of clay next to a river- I
    had to get dug out by a shovel

  3. By: FalcoDLM Gaming

    Oh my God these people should not have children. Call cps on these people.
    Some of these kids could be suffocating and the parents just sit there and
    film. If any of those kids are reading this I am so sorry.

  4. By: Willvbä brownington

    mother: did you fall in?
    child: Have a Fucking guess

  5. By: SweetAnSowaCandi

    A sad day we live in when people, our children, are in need of help but
    we’re like “Wait! Let me get the camera first!”

  6. By: Clippy chan

    at 0:55 when the mom is all like “did you fall in the toilet?” the kid is
    looking at her like he was saying “noooooo. I WANTED to be in this toilet
    doing a vertical split and damaging my knee as we speak.” 

  7. By: Water Army

    Once when I was 11, I was at the park with my friends playing football, the
    ball went over a fence into our school (next to the park) and one of my
    friends climbed over an easy to climb gate to get it, on the way be he
    decided to climb the spiky fence that exasperated the park and the school,
    the was on the hop, jumped over, his trouser leg gut stuck on the spike, he
    was flipped over left hanging upside-down, his nose smacked against the
    fence. We went to help him bet he fell, landing on his head, just before we
    got to him. He quickly got up and said he was okay while laughing.

  8. By: Erza Scarlet

    One time when i was a chind, i dont remember the reason but i decided to
    climb up the toilet and the cover broke and i got stuck with my left leg in
    the toilet. I mean my leg was just stuck and i couldnt unstuck it alne.

  9. By: Hope Franks

    I used to fall in the toilet so much that when my parents saw, they would
    just keep walking lmao

  10. By: rhinestonedust

    so your kid could actually die and you’re just taking a video and
    laughing… some are funny, but some just make me hope that kid turned up
    well and alive :S

  11. By: Laurel Huntley

    my braces get stuck in the weirdest things
    my scarf
    my hair (when it was long)
    my clothing
    things people throw at my face

  12. By: Minetic

    Man that kid at 0:53 looked beyond pissed. Like when he gets out he’s gonna
    shank his mom with a turd pissed.

  13. By: Mohammad Tohidi

    That was really hilarious. I’m going for a +1!!!

  14. By: danielle kuttie puttie

    Was good because, she probably would have hurt herself.

  15. By: Reece Popplewell

    Haha the kid with his braces stuck to the carpet!

    I one time actually got my braces stuck to my girlfriends bra it’s was
    quite amazing but also painful 

  16. By: stan thebossman

    kids are dumb. wear protection

  17. By: ChildOfTheSun32

    I’m picturing playing Fallout 3… You walk in an old abandoned house and
    find a tiny skeleton jammed between the wall and the couch….. And then…
    It dawns on you. Some poor kid has got stuck and starved to death and 100
    years later, you find the poor wee bastard’s skeleton.
    He needed some help.

  18. By: Rachel Richards

    omg… 1:06 that my cousin…. ? how is he on youtube and im not? AND HOW

  19. By: Matt Ucon

    2nd video was just awful. that’s terrible parenting if you ask me. who
    would just laugh when their kid is suffocating 

  20. By: David Xiang

    The braces stuck to the carpet = What usually happens with me except with
    my hair.

  21. By: Jermaine Lee

    What if… you are a woman. You have braces, you give your boyfriend with
    long pubic hair a blowjob, and you get stuck with his penis deep throating
    you. Would you die?

  22. By: Matehb HD Gaming

    1:06 Nooo poor baby OMG so adorable :'(

  23. By: Henry Lois

    Some of them were funny but that little one at 0:09.. that was actually
    dangerous! And some others, too.

  24. By: CheesyPizza Lizzie

    Hey look you’re kid is stuck in a tree! Ill just laugh because I’m the best
    parent ever! 

  25. By: Nic Austin

    he be like um you see nothing im fine
    i be like hahahahahahahhahahhahah
    girl be like im free falling wait no im not

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