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Kitten likes to eat Toffee | Funny Cats . Toffee is not a candy. Toffee is the elder sister of Octavia kitten :) SUBSCRIBE: . New video every Tuesday !…

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Added on: October 15th, 2014

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  1. By: Funnycatsandnicefish

    Toffee is not a candy.
    Toffee is the elder sister of Octavia kitten :)

  2. By: Ariana Rivera

    So cute and funny

  3. By: Res Oleg

    Toffee is not a candy.
    Toffee is the elder sister of Octavia kitten :)

  4. By: Loki Tham

    Toffee is not a candy.
    Toffee is the elder sister of Octavia kitten :)

  5. By: Ido013

    Who in their right minds wouldn’t want to eat Toffee. She’s so pretty~

  6. By: breadandcircus1

    TOFFEE is so gorgeous cat. She’s regal-looking. Cannot she have kittens?

  7. By: Avi Joseph

    uploaded Kitten likes to eat Toffee

  8. By: romanaborgia

    pretty cats^^

  9. By: Dymeczka

    Tail mom is a good school reflexes :))

  10. By: Jeff Missinne

    First rule of kittens: If it moves, play with it! (Second rule: If it
    doesn’t, play with it anyway!)

  11. By: Rani Zakharian

    Did anyone saw the sleeping kitty in the background?

  12. By: 59Comete❤59MysteryMan


    How lovely bideo!! Elder sister Toffee is playing with Octavia kitten. So
    cute sisters!!

  14. By: SvetlanaSSI


  15. By: kanabalize

    the house is littered with cats :3

  16. By: ahabtheplant

    Super sweet!

  17. By: Joan Cuthill

    Wonderful my friend. They are beautiful. God Bless you all. ♥

  18. By: Mad9977


  19. By: MegaKittyChannel

    beautifull video

  20. By: Олена Українка

    Супер ! 

  21. By: liliane boudruche

    trop mignon!!!!!!!!!!

  22. By: VelvetGal5

    Nice video, Oleg. :-) I can’t eat any hard candies such as toffee. I
    haven’t eaten the hard candy, toffee since 2009. So, the best “Toffee”, to
    me, in this world is actually your cat, Toffee. :-) I haven’t posted in a
    long while in many videos. I just wanted to say “Hi” to you, Oleg, & to
    wish you a nice day, week, & rest of the month. And yes, I’m still watching
    most of your videos. :-) I just haven’t posted comments in a long time.
    Oleg, all that is good in the world I wish for you & your cats. Besides
    Toffee, the two kittens in this video are cute & adorable as well. I like
    how that kitten in the background is taking a comfortable nap. :-) Your
    videos never cease to bring smiles to many people’s faces on YouTube. Have
    a good day, Oleg, & thanks for continuing to share your smile-inducing
    videos with us. :-)

  23. By: SkulpTools SkulpterAz

    As always, a darling video! Your adult cats are so gentle in showing the
    little ones their limits. Happy kittens and contented adults…what could
    be better? It reflects well on your care for them all. Well done Oleg!

  24. By: Anne Marie Dippoliti

    Oh my goodness, Toffee becomes more gorgeous with each new video she is
    in!! Baby sister Octavia is also beautiful. And who is the other precious
    pumpkin sleeping so peacefully in the background??!!! Mama Coco’ s beauty
    continues to show through all her babies….. ♥♥♥

  25. By: Veronika Vajda

    Fluffy and funny.

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