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Added on: January 24th, 2015

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  1. By: Funnycatsandnicefish

    Let’s get relax with my cats! :)

  2. By: Люда Девятова

    Милашки! Смотрим вечерами и так хорошо спокойно. Спасибо!

  3. By: mrsmuesli

    I just love how these kittens have no issues at all… all they care about
    is a small place to take a nap or to eat. I honestly wish I was a cat even
    just for one day. No I’m actually lying… I’d much rather prefer being a
    cat for a whole lifetime.

  4. By: Mila Saveleva

    Боже!какое умиротворение получаешь спасибо

  5. By: breadandcircus1

    So precious, so sweet moments recorded. What a wonderful video, Oleg, so
    heart-warming. Thank you, my friend :)

  6. By: JinYu Lu

    I’m so sleepy right now… Zz(´-ω-`*)

  7. By: 山口浩子

    Good night, kittens. Have a nice dream!

  8. By: Choco_Vanille

    so cute ♥ I love the cats ♥

  9. By: MjsInMyHeartForever

    Six minutes and twenty-two seconds of smiles and

  10. By: Mad9977

    lol i’m tired enough to fall asleep watching them =P

  11. By: 2cool4school

    I have a cat she is a tabby tuxedo cat and my other one he is a black cat,
    I know this makes no sence, sozzz

  12. By: SvetlanaSSI

    На кисулек сон напал, где сморило – там упал… Слезы умиления:)) Спасибо!

  13. By: aligrandi13

    I never saw something more sweet, more lovely!!!! ♥

  14. By: Alix Nibiru

    Ma quanto sono belli questi picipici!!!!!!???? :-) Quando li vedo: momcat
    papà gatto e cucciolate varie potessi li adottereii tutti 😀

  15. By: ankex

    Awwww… So cute, Oleg! Next time I can`t sleep I`ll watch it again.
    Have a great weekend!

  16. By: Annybar

    Ils sont trop mignons.

  17. By: Elaine Lotcpeich

    This was so precious and beautiful! Thanks for a really wonderful video!
    One of your best!


    Too cute. Too funny!! FunnyCats Kittens made me relax , and …I wont
    sleep….It’s still morning…I love you. FunnyCats !!

  19. By: SkulpTools SkulpterAz

    Absolutely the best prescription for insomnia EVER! And no drug side
    effects, just lots of awwhhs and smiles! Thanks Oleg!!!

  20. By: allan gill

    What breed are the kittens? They appears to be a maine coon abyssinian
    cross and they are all tortoiseshell which is unusual in my book. Excellent
    video extremely relaxing. The next time somebody stirs me up i will watch
    this video.

  21. By: inna soo

    godddd!! too much cuteness all in one place :))) 

  22. By: Elena Glushkova

  23. By: Anne Marie Dippoliti

    Pure joy……..♥♥♥

  24. By: Ainārs Krastiņš

    1 myow = 1 ps4 slim for m8

  25. By: Дмитрий Сякин

    Land of nod :D

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