Kunal Nayyar Talks ‘Big Bang Theory’

Kunal gave Ellen the update on his hit show, and other recent events in his life.

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Added on: November 20th, 2014

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  1. By: melody peralta

    @Alexis Flores you stold first comment JK

  2. By: Celara Cenir-Campbell

  3. By: Jev. S

    holy shit, she passed away. thats really sad. RIP, may your soul live on

  4. By: THECRB15

    Rajesh kuthropali

  5. By: Sai Rao

    Does Kunal not even remember her name??? That’s a little sad.

  6. By: Jaejoong Kim

    Aww R.I.P. I will definitely miss her on the show, her parts are always so

  7. By: babyaktf

    I’m a little disappointed in how this question was asked and answered. The
    way Ellen went about addressing the topic was, imo, a bit unprofessional.
    You would think she’d have a little background about the death or at least
    the actress’s name. And secondly, it’s sad Kunal didn’t mention her name
    in response. I don’t know if he was still saddened by the event and the
    thought didn’t cross him or whatever it may be, but it was just very
    disappointing to see. Also, please don’t take this comment as an attack or
    hate on Ellen. I find her quite funny and interactive with her guests and
    audience which I really like. 

  8. By: Ashwin B

    RIP. Truly a memorable character, and we didn’t even get to physically
    seeing her onscreen <3 Hope Bernadette can continue her legacy. She can do
    a really good Mrs Wolowitz voice

  9. By: Anna Lutovac

    We will all miss her R.I.P :) 

  10. By: Omer Eltemimi

    Awww…that’s so sad :(…RIP… I always wanted to see her in the
    show…with only her voice known for us…still she was a major part of the
    big bang cast.

  11. By: moochiwuvschachi

    Maybe it is just a bit hard to talk about and being in the public eye can
    make it difficult because you don’t want to say too much. I mean, yes, we
    all know Carol Ann Susi’s name, but still. It happens a lot. I am not
    defending this interview. I am just giving a reason as to why because it
    does seem odd.

  12. By: Nomaan Butt

    A brown man gets only 1 minute and 30 seconds of airtime on the Ellen show,
    in which he is made to talk about someone else. Guess Ellen knows who her
    audience wants to see and what they want to hear.

  13. By: Gizelle Elizabeth

    I don’t think he forgot her name, he must of assumed everyone already knew
    it. Did you think he prepared a speech on how to talk about her passing. I
    didn’t know when someone passes away who is close to you, you sit there and
    prepare a speech on how to talk about that person. He was talking how she
    was and that she was a warm and bright spirit, her name doesn’t need to be
    mentioned when clearly she left a mark on his heart by the way he talked
    about her. You people always want to start something. Rest in heavenly
    peace Carol Ann Susi <3

  14. By: Alvaro Mata

    I dont think you guys have seen the same video as I have. He was almost
    going to cry, and even had to stop one or two times, so stop with the
    “doesn’t he remember her name?” He worked EIGHT yearse with her, I think he
    knew her and her name much better than any of you did, and if you respected
    Carol that much, fighting in a video in memory of her isn’t the best way to
    show it.

  15. By: Selena Makamure

    I thought he was going to cry… Aaaw. And he kept referring to her as is
    and not was like he hasn’t accepted the death yet. So sweet… Baby. 

  16. By: thekabouter55


  17. By: jajceboy

    What’s with all these negative “He doesn’t even know her name”?
    Of course he knows her name. he worked with her for 8 years. The thing is,
    he’s clearly still in shock and grieving. He clearly looks choked up. And
    why shouldn’t he? It was a surprise. No one knew she was ill and she died
    fairly young. It’s understandable he’s still grieving. Kunal maybe thought
    he already mentioned her name So give Kunal some credit here.
    I mean, how would you all react if someone you knew for that long suddenly

  18. By: Kunal Awesome

    Wait my name’s Kunal…

  19. By: John Smith

    In India , when someone die , they pray to a cow because they believe that
    , Cow is a human spirit , that’s why they don’t eat stakes..

  20. By: Taylor Washington

    1rst comment

  21. By: Taylor Washington

    1 comment

  22. By: susu Al Hosani

    I always thought the voice was played by the lady who played “Estelle”
    joey’s agent in friends !

  23. By: Samuel Mathew

    First comment!!!!

  24. By: AndyFreak123

    good thing she died..she was annoying

  25. By: Elisa Cifiello

    he’s my friend’s cousin

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