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Category: Pranks and Jokes

Added on: February 9th, 2015

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  1. By: Emma Bae

    Not even funny :/

  2. By: Jordan brown

    As much as I hated “CLICK EAR” I kind of miss it….

  3. By: ApexPredator_

    Haha really like the part where the grampa played with the helicopter at
    3:31 XD

  4. By: xAdler

    i want the helicopter from 3:31 *_*

  5. By: Honeybadger Don't Care

    I guess the generation x had their version of selfies in the form of the
    giant selfie boxes….

  6. By: Kevin LP

    More Pranks ! :D

  7. By: JayLethal

    WTF,this isnt funny at all this is basically making fun of little
    people,look at the little person with the normal size person.Screw you just
    for laughs.

  8. By: Enes

    Die beiden würden so zusammen passen, und dann das

  9. By: paul boon

    keep these lovely videos coming just added it to its so funny playlist
    best wishes paul from england

  10. By: 10shinhan

    This video is racist towards women 

  11. By: P DaPhuuLz

    lol the first one is brilliant. old but still LoL

  12. By: Wolfz

    Guy at 0:53 looks like ibra

  13. By: MrHairyBrit - Funny News & Ranty Vlogs


  14. By: Minecraft builder

    Do more pranks they are is funny 

  15. By: Sumeet Shelke

    Just for laugh pranking people since 650 BC

  16. By: pylbetajv

    Vertically challenged people are funny.

  17. By: arun kumar

    Did the guy in the second video shave his head esp for this prank ?

  18. By: GhostMihneaRo

    what ! there was a cool prank with a small guy in a soda machine , u put
    the coin and the door opens and the little guy gives u a drink

  19. By: Just For Laughs Gags

    Here at Just For Laughs, comedy and pranks come in all shapes, colors and
    sizes. Let today’s #bestof be a reminder that comedy, fun and laughter is

  20. By: PrankandSpank

    Do you guys still have that coke helicopter? ME WANT!! 

  21. By: bungalaix

    canadian chicks man.. me likey

  22. By: syxx williams

    Wats the name of the track in the first prank

  23. By: leon leon lu

    Just For Laughs Gags HAPPY^o^

  24. By: Inston007


  25. By: gogodr

    does anyone else thinks of banjo kazooie with the music at 4:00 ?

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