Monopoly Kids Thieves

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Submited by: crewman6

Category: Pranks and Jokes

Added on: January 15th, 2015

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  1. By: Sweeterez

    This make me laugh.

  2. By: Dilaxan Nathan

    like for boobs

  3. By: Just Krillin

    These assholes would send little kids to jail for the rest of their lives

  4. By: unvmematt

    Why is there never any audio. Makes me think its fake.

  5. By: Hippoclite

    Vieille vidéo.

  6. By: PrankandSpank

    The old switcheroo trick never fails.Great job as always JFL crew

  7. By: 6oodfella

    Bloody snitches! It wasn’t their money, what the Hell are they grassing on
    them for? I can’t stand people like that.

  8. By: Just For Laughs Gags

    NEW #PRANK! If we were the victims in this gag, we would have HAPPILY
    played along with the kids… and shared the dough!

  9. By: Gibbs Jakatiga

    Hahaha…..Very funny those kid thieves.

  10. By: Skeletor Jopko

    Good one!

  11. By: Renate Jabs

    Ein Gag der Superlative************ich spiele da auch gerne mit! Liebe
    Grüsse Renate

  12. By: Johnny Quan

    Lmao, clever one xDD

  13. By: Nick Was Here

    Why would they have american money in a Canadian show?

  14. By: MFTelevision

    Wow they all snitched!!!!!smh

  15. By: Honeybadger Don't Care

    I’m in Montreal. I can’t believe all the snitches JFL managed to catch…

  16. By: crownvic .ca

    Why are cop and security guard loading money into an armored car?

  17. By: FrankGarrett316

    That “click ear” scares the shit out of me every time.

  18. By: maha77

    My children stole $1000 worth of Monopoly games and sold them on Ebay due
    to this video. thanks a lot guys

  19. By: 6 goddess

    make more compilations tired of the 1 minute videos

  20. By: Mark Law

    They were real quick to rat them out, bunch of snitches

  21. By: Виктор Земляков

    Проклятые стукачи, ещё и тупые.

  22. By: Esa XD

    This Channel <3 im subbing best prankers channel eva <3 the best keep it up
    guys :)

  23. By: Derp Derpenson


  24. By: Bashew MC

    At 0:28…. Dat a girl or a man with boobs?
    idk guyz xD

  25. By: Oleg Goroxov

    Если ты это читаешь ,то твоя мама умрет в течении 5 лет. Что бы снять
    прклятие напиши это к пяти видео. Люди вы в это верите???

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