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Added on: December 8th, 2014

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  1. By: ART BALL

    Niby tyle subów a tak mało wyświetleń 😀 

  2. By: Jasper Rheinhard

    Why you gave 4 million subsribers and 200 views ??? 

  3. By: Мухтар Хасаев

    60 fps ))

  4. By: TheAgentAssassin

    the phone in the ass had me in stitches

  5. By: Alex T

    That moment when you finally hear the voice of those 2 awesome actor &
    actress after watching Just for Laughs Gags for like 10 years….

  6. By: Relex Graal

    No Youppi!, no best awkward gag.

  7. By: Ik ♡

    05:40 pos les sentamos a las abuelitas :’D hahahahha qué tierno.

  8. By: SamDM1

    This is so scripted

  9. By: annie lynn

    The moaning in the gym was hilarious! 

  10. By: JolinaWolf

    Oh meh gosh, the first one made me laugh right away XD

  11. By: JolinaWolf

    Lol, Laughs For Gags are the Best to cheer ya up :)

  12. By: Roger Monell


  13. By: Roger Monell

    Just for laughts lets fired no returns
    Fired is ruins officie

  14. By: Roger Monell

    Is all is loooooooossseeerrrrrr
    No happy no laughts

  15. By: Paula Cony

    6:27 OMG *-* is harry potter xD

  16. By: Алекс Сводокачки

    On this planet, there are still people who do not know Denis Levasseur and
    Marie Pierre Bouchard?!!!

  17. By: Brock Lesnar

    Can Quebecois speak English??

  18. By: Just For Laughs Gags

    Sometimes awkward situations are funny. Sometimes funny situations are
    awkward. What matters is that FUNNY is in there somewhere, either way!
    Behold, some of our AWKWARD pranks!

  19. By: Dilaxan Nathan

    That old man is perverted 

  20. By: Dimitry White

    Ребята, ваш юмор лучший из всего что я видел в своей жизни!

  21. By: Pixel Kirby

    The guy at 7:02 is actually pretty cute

  22. By: Hg Ghazy

    Hhhhhhhhhhhh Koneyalli, gambhīra

  23. By: Noyan Ozkan

    LOLOLOLOLOL phone up in the ass!!!! BTW THE VIDEO IS SO DYNAMIC HOW?? its
    fast and crystal clear??

  24. By: HomestarRunner20X6

    Denis is hot…

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