Most Dangerous Swimsuit Model Prank

Dealing with models can be a real pain in the ass. Don’t miss another Gag – Subscribe!: Can’t click annotations? Fireman Interviewed While Fire:…

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Added on: July 15th, 2014

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  1. By: Dimon Orekh

    wow 0:26 huge carp detected=)

  2. By: HByway

    I used to be a laughter like you, then I took an arrow in my ass…

  3. By: EvilLurker

    good one guys :D

  4. By: Fun&Hacks

    #Death to #Isreal 

  5. By: GSNCards

    Shark at :26?

  6. By: James Wales

    I know this is a prank, but when someone really does get impaled by
    something, DO NOT pull it out, they could bleed to death

  7. By: Aidan Brogan

    Ok you have over 10000 videos how have you not pranked everyone in canada

  8. By: Duh Enlightened One

    To all the women in the video who were laughing before the gag was
    revealed, all I have to say to you is you are vile disgusting pigs to laugh
    after shooting someone. An arrow penetration could be deadly, and your
    first thought is to think it is funny? Go fuck yourselves. This is a major
    problem in today’s society, specifically north America with crazy women.
    More often than not, you have women who have no ability to empathize,
    perhaps because they are on those psychotropic anti-depressants which
    totally fucks up their mind, or perhaps because they are born into society
    that encourages narcissism. Specifically, facebook and other social media
    programs that encourage people (women in particular) to concern themselves
    with no one else except for themselves. How many more pictures do we need
    to see of your fat asses in your new outfits? You still look fat. I call on
    everyone who knows people like this to shun them for 90 days and tell them
    why you are doing so. Tell them they are self-absorbed, sociopaths who need
    to start loving others besides themselves.

  9. By: Aleks6010

    i wonder how they record all of this without them noticing

  10. By: Magno Thompson

    I like! No need the click here thing

  11. By: Just For Laughs Gags

    NEW PRANK! Being a model is a PAIN in the ass… for anyone around her!
    Literally, a pain:

  12. By: Duh Enlightened One

    More about women laughing inappropriately: There doesn’t have to be blood
    for it to be a very serious puncture. That is why you are not supposed to
    pull out an arrow until there are preparations to prevent the bleed out.
    If the man was bleeding, he could have been bleeding in his pants. the
    women didn’t know or care if there was blood in the first few moments,
    their immediate response was not humane, but sinister laughter.

    There is a woman(prostitute) who is charged with murder because of her
    callous response to a former Google/Apple exec who died in her presence.
    Read the story about her released this week. She is yet another example of
    crazy women who think nothing of a man who is dying right in front of her
    eyes. She should and may get the death penalty. Some of the women in this
    video are no better and really should be locked up in a mental institution
    for life because they absolutely pose a danger to future husband and
    children. Let’s not forget, women are responsible for more than 50 million
    murders of children since 1973.

    There is a reason why women were not allowed to vote for hundreds of years.
    The early fathers of our society realized that there is absolutely a
    difference in men and women. They are NOT equal. They are equally valuable,
    but, they are not equal. Women need to be treated as the weaker sex, not
    just physically, but in their mental capacity. They simply are not capable
    of proper emotional responses and rational decision making required in
    life, that is why they should be subject to their father’s rule and then
    eventually, their husband’s rule.

    Women, left to their own decision-making powers (only relatively recently
    granted to them) results in murders of innocent babies. Not only before
    birth but often times AFTER birth, when they are put in mini-vans and
    driven into nearby lakes to drown, or left in locked cars in 100 degree
    heat to suffocate. This needs to stop. it is time for men to stop being
    pussy whipped and take control of the women in your life whether it be your
    sister, or mother or any woman you have influence over. Don’t tolerate any
    of their bullshit and shun them for 90 days, and then extend that out
    another 180 days and then another 180 days after that if they don’t get in

  13. By: 1337Destroyer69

    I clicked ear. always trust the pretty girl

  14. By: djpyro86

    Seeing a person mistaking shooting someone with a harpoon and watching
    their first instinct be laughter shows me the direction the world is
    heading in and it disturbs me. 

  15. By: txhen1

    If I just say bitch…Will I still get top comment?

  16. By: Atlas N

    I find it very disturbing that most laughed when he got shot in the ass.
    What’s next ? Walk around the beach and shoot people in the ass
    intentionally and laugh ?

  17. By: TheXCore360

    I find it weird that most of them laughed instead of feeling concerned
    about the guy.

  18. By: rozer sandhu

    at 0:26 the fish jumped out from water just behind the grag man i don’t
    know if anyone els noticed :)

  19. By: jose antonio lopez lopez

  20. By: FrankGarrett316

    Only one person showed any genuine concern that they apparently skewered
    another human being in their buttocks. Everyone else had a carefree,
    comical reaction.

  21. By: Joshua Anuran

    If this is filmed in Quebec for sooooo many years . I’m surprised non of
    them still knows you guys till now ! 

  22. By: JHtheKING1

    Please change your stupid videos so we can hear people’s reactions.. these
    pranks would be 1,000 times better if you could hear reactions.

  23. By: javed sheikh

    bow in the bum :P

  24. By: mehdi teflak

    Im still wondering how could they expect that 

  25. By: steve y

    what’s in the water at 0:25?

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