Nun and Priest Pranks – Best of Just For Laughs Gags

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Submited by: crewman6

Category: Pranks and Jokes

Added on: December 15th, 2014

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  1. By: ApexPredator_

    Gotta like the reaction of the dog too at 1:03 XD

  2. By: Lion war

    is this still a thing?

  3. By: Capitán Obvious

    Ow look, JFL’s is trolling Prophet Muhammad and Islam again, err,
    Christians and Jesus.

  4. By: Renate Jabs

    Was habt ihr nur für lustige Einfälle, am schönsten war die Nonne im
    Bikini*******herzliche Grüße mit der 87 sendet euch Renate. Wünsche einen
    frohen 3. Advent.

  5. By: Scarlatti2007

    There were a number of priest/nun pranks that should have been included in
    this video, especially the one involving the two “priests” and the trick

  6. By: Half Man/Half Amazing ALL BEAST!!!

    Last bit was a very dangerous prank because the homeowner has the right to
    shoot everyone that’s on their yard without questions.

  7. By: Pete MEDIA

    The funeral in the front yard is killing me!!! :)

  8. By: Sepehr Javaheri

    Make fun of Islam and Mohammad the
    pedophile/murderer/rapist/warlord/slavesman/thief.. so we can see if you
    guys will survive or not :)

  9. By: robert nagy

    These movies always make me laugh! Thank’s!

  10. By: Eric Borders

    @ 6:50, that is a greedy bastard. He will surely go to hell and hopefully
    die a horrible death.

  11. By: Duh Enlightened One

    Duh Enlightened One’s Hot Chick Report

  12. By: Reluctant Dragon

    It’s Sunday morning… I should be in church… but I’m watching this

  13. By: Reluctant Dragon

    Wow is that really Denis’s Mercedes in the first video? :-O

  14. By: Just For Laughs Gags

    Today’s compilation is the PERFECT way for you to finish this exhausting
    week! In the name of the Father, the Denis and the holy MP, we say: AMEN!

  15. By: Marcus Frazão


  16. By: Prank Files

    This is hilarious

  17. By: IPGAXX

    Merry christmas guys & girls :)

  18. By: AwoudeX

    Keep an open mind, be surprised, but be curious after!

    and LOL great job

  19. By: Daphne Sun

    Thanks for the morning dose of laughter to start my week!

  20. By: RDJim

    Why not make fun of some muslims?

  21. By: falcon9gxgc

    You guys are great! I wish you had more recognition in the US. <3

  22. By: stanko zadar

    this blonde girl is soooo HOT

  23. By: Gboyega Oyekoya

    No way, one of my best. Thank you JFLGs

  24. By: HeavyMecha

    make fun of muslims, sikhs, buddhists, atheists, and hindus too

  25. By: Raudavatn

    I like the song that comes maybe one time in every long video :) 

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